[Update] PlayStation has betrayed Vita owners and switched off the digital PSone and PSP renaissance

Posted on April 24, 2014 - 2:40pm by Sean Hinz

Update: Sony has betrayed PlayStation Vita users. The floodgate of PSone and PSP titles to hit the PSN store was unfortunately a mistake on a Sony employee's part and that has since been rectified. All games that were compatible with the device, but previously unavailable, are once again locked behind the iron bars of the Sony Entertainment Network. Anyone smart enough to download a game like Portable Ops onto their Vita will get to keep it, but the option to download has disappeared. WHY SONY? WHY??!!!!

Sony has dumped the motherload of PlayStation content onto the Vita store. For no discernable reason (other than maybe realizing it was about damn time) every digital PSone and PSP title is available for download on the handheld. That means any past versions you might have purchased on PS3 can now be downloaded  and you can pretty much purchase anything from PSN on your Vita. That includes  sought after titles like Portable Ops, Peacewalker, Gran Turismo, and Pac-Man CE mini.

Beyond that, demos are also available for PSone and PSP titles; and really it just seems like Sony said fuck it and flipped everything because even the PSP XMB themes are now Vita compatible, but we all know that isn't true. Either way, it seems like this is the real deal and a solid win for Vita owners. Now if Sony could just officially announce this, they might actually sell a Vita or two...

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