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US courts dismiss Motorola's lawsuit to ban the Xbox 360 in the United States

10/3/12 10:00am

While the Xbox 360 was initially banned in Germany, US courts have overturned the potential of the ban being applied in the United States.

The courts sided with Microsoft who was fighting to keep the system available in the US while Motorola and Google argued it should be pulled due to Microsoft infringing on several patents owned by Motorola. The original case occurred in Germany which was won by Motorola and appealed by Microsoft to the International Trade Commission.

The ITC deferred the decision to the US courts who recently sided with Microsoft in their decision to dismiss the ban. The ban in Germany will also be overturned as a result due to the US courts being given higher status by the ITC from their deferral.

The legal mess between both sides originally started in regards to a piece of video encoding tech found in the Xbox 360 which Motorola claimed was infringing on a patent they own.

Motorola and Google had a feeling they would lose the case in the US which is why earlier they tried to offer a settlement deal with Microsoft who flat out rejected the offer.

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