Valve announces new Adult Swim themed items and the new Smissmas update for Team Fortress 2!

Posted on December 20, 2012 - 5:01pm by MS64DSWII

I've got some wonderful news for you Team Fortress 2 fans today!

Valve has recently announced on their Team Fortress 2 website that they are making new Adult Swim themed Team Fortress 2 items, but not only that, they've also recently announced their new Smissmas update!

The update will include the Mecha Engineer and a new map in MvM, the new Naughty and Nice crates (which were strangely enough released last week), and three new weapons. Those weapons are: "The Rescue Ranger," a shotgun for the Engineer, "The Loose Cannon," a grenade launcher (we have not seen a new grenade launcher in a very long time) for the Demoman, and "The Vaccinator," a medigun for the Medic.

As for the Adult Swim items, no release date has been announced, but the items will be based on the Monarch’s Henchmen, Dr. Rockzo, Carl, and Brock Samson. You can view the items by clicking here.

Also Valve made a new TF2 comic which you can see right here.

So g1s, how do you feel about this new Team Fortress 2 update?

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