Valve getting slapped by German Consumer Protection Agency

Posted on September 18, 2012 - 12:00pm by Andrej

The German Consumer Protection Agency VZBV recently gave Valve a slap on the wrist for changing their Steam Terms of Service, stating that "game developers can't just force their their terms upon users." If you don't agree to these new ToS, which prohibit any class action law suits the users might throw at Valve, you can lose access to your Steam library even though you've legally bought the games with all the usage rights that came with them. According to the VZBV, users need to be given an alternative such as...not agreeing to the new ToS. Wait...what?

Another gripe the VZBV has is the fact that you can't transfer your steam account, which goes against a decision made by the European Court of Justice that clearly allows the re-selling of downloaded digital software. Both of these criticisms reputedly represent a violation of German competition laws. Valve has until September 26th to publish a declaration of cease and desist or else...well, it's lawsuitin'-time.

Okay, we're a bit late to the party, but least we're doing something, although I doubt Valve would give users the option to stick to the old ToS. After all, that'd basically be like saying "Want to give up some of your rights? You don't have to, but we'd appreciate it."

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