Varia Games is Kickstarting the "Metroid inspired" ReVeN

Posted on February 4, 2014 - 9:02am by MetroidDread

I need to say this first, OMG this game looks very promising and amazing and I really want this to succeed.

Anyway just from watching the Kickstarter video you can easily see the heavy Metroid inspiration. It also takes inspiration from Mega Man (though I don't see it). This 2D platformer named ReVen is being crowdfunded with an initial goal of $18,000. As I am writing this the project has raised almost $17,000 toward its goal with 19 days left.

If the goal is reached it will be coming to Wii U, Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. If that goal is the only one reached it could take up to two years to complete the game. However if the goal is reaches $37,000, it can be finished sooner.

Other stretch goals include,

  • Online multiplayer
  • Make use of the Wii U's gamepad
  • Getting extra programmers to help polish the game
  • Extra areas
  • Up-rezz to 1920x1080
  • Port to PS4 and PS Vita
  • And more

The reason for the low stretch goal for Wii U, and not the PS4 and Vita, is because Varia Games are approved Nintendo developers. To me everything sounds and looks awesome, but the developers also are putting everything they have into ReVeN.

"We decided that launching a Kickstarter would be the best chance we have of continuing production of the game and (hopefully) fully fund the project so we can get it done. We are tired of games being made the same with little to no new innovations so we quit our jobs to become non-shackled Indie-Developers so we could create a game that feels fresh and new while maintaining a sense of familiarity. Our Goal is to create a memorable experience that people play again and again, and even expand upon through the mission creator."

That a lot there doing just for this one game. I would love to see this game complete with all of its strech goals reached. So what do you think G1's. Does ReVeN catch your eye enough to where you want to help fund and spread the word about ReVeN.

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