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 Here  is  soem information  based  on  Earthbound 64.The  canclled  Mother game.It is    very  intresting .I recommend   you  read  it.

EarthBound 64, officially known as Mother 3 , is a cancelled role-playing video game that was in development by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo 64DD. It was later transferred to the Nintendo 64 after the Nintendo 64DD proved to be unsuccessful. The game adopted several subtitles in Japan, including Chimera no Mori (キマイラの森 Kimaira no Mori?, lit. "Forest of the Chimera"), Kikai Seibutsu no Mori (奇怪生物の森?, lit. "Forest of the Strange Creatures") and Butaō no Saigo (豚王の最期?, lit. "Death of the Pig King")

The developers included series designer and creator Shigesato Itoi, and artist Benimaru Itoh. Due to the development team's inexperience with making games in three dimensions, it was delayed several times, and ultimately cancelled. The plot of EarthBound 64 was to star ten characters across twelve chapters, including Lucas, a young boy; Claus, his twin brother; Flint, a farmhand and the father of the twins; Boney, Flint's dog; Duster, a thief; Kumatora, a princess; Salsa, a monkey; and an unnamed Gothic girl. The identities of the other two main characters are unknown. The antagonists are a group called the Pigmask Army, led by Porky Minch, returning from EarthBound.

EarthBound 64 uses similar mechanics to other games in the EarthBound series for battle. Before entering battle, the player must run into the enemies on the overworld. In battle, the battles are seen from a first person perspective, and are turn-based.

Art developer Benimaru Itoh remarked at E3's 1997 convention that the game would probably utilize the Rumble Pak in battle sequences, but worried that the controller would become too cumbersome for players given the time-consuming nature of role-playing games.

The mechanic of matching the beat to the background music was utilized in the Nintendo 64 version. It utilized a "3D stick" that the player would strum like a guitar chord.[2] Before entering battles, instead of immediately going into battle like previous titles in the series, the player would have an exchange with the enemy.Characters featured several abilities, including jumping and spin attacks.

Developers stated that the game would take over 40 to 60 hours to beat for experienced gamers, and more for those less experienced.

One objective of EarthBound 64 was to make it a unique experience for every single individual who purchases it. An example provided by game designer Shigesato Itoi was that one player could theoretically plant seeds, causing a tree to grow which the player could climb to get to a high cliff, while another player could find a way around the cliff, so the player had multiple paths he or she could take.Another example given was that if the player mistakenly drops food on the ground as he or she goes through the forest,
it could attract a hungry monster, causing a battle to ensue.] During battle, the mechanics included Fight, Speak, Magic, Call (for Lucas only), Stand, Check, Goods, and Strength, though the Goods, Magic, Speak, and Call options were unusable in the Spaceworld '99 demo.


Itoi also aimed to use several of the Nintendo 64DD's features with EarthBound 64. He wanted to allow players to pick several character faces or create new visages with Mario Artist while it was in development for the N64DD, as well as use the 64DD's internal clock feature to match the in-game time with the time of the player's. When it was moved to a cartridge-based media, whether the internal clock would be included was not known.

IGN commented that they may scale it down to be more like a traditional role-playing game, but include these features in the 64DD add-on that was being developed as well. After it was moved to the Nintendo 64, the developers continued making an add-on disk that would allow players to continue playing in the world of EarthBound 64 with new quests and adventures tentatively titled Mother 3.5.

EarthBound 64 was to be set on Nowhere Islands, and was going to take place 200 years after the events of EarthBound. It contained allusions to it, including an image of a destroyed Onett.

IGN described the world of Mother 3 as having a futuristic Western style.The plot of EarthBound 64 was created a while before it began development, and was once to feature 12 chapters that span 10 years.

The plot followed a family which consisted of a cowboy-like man named Flint, his wife Hinawa, his twin sons Lucas and Claus, and his dog Boney, amongst several other protagonists as they deal with the Pig Army, who is attempting to enslave mankind.

At the time, the main protagonist had not been chosen,though he later said if one of the characters was the main character, it would be Lucas.

The first two chapters each featured different heroes,and it would have 10 main characters throughout the plot. One of the main characters' plots was that his 40 year old father mysteriously disappeared during the course of the game.

The locales of EarthBound 64 were to span a fantasy world, a medieval world, and a futuristic world

Development of Mother 3 for the Super Famicom began soon after the Japanese release of EarthBound. After a period of time, the game was moved to the Nintendo 64DD, and titled Mother 3: Chimera no Mori in Japan.

It was planned as one of the four launch games for the platform.

The Chimera no Mori subtitle was dropped from the title due to copyright issues over the use of the word Chimera, and the game's title was changed to Mother 3: Kikai Seibutsu no Mori.
The final planned title became Mother 3: Butaō no Saigo in Japan. Owing to the failure of the 64DD, the project was cancelled and moved to the Nintendo 64

In its 100th issue, Nintendo Power expected it to be one of the first 100 video games released for the Nintendo 64 was to use a 256 megabit cartridge, similar to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Game designer Shigesato Itoi's team ran into trouble while developing this game, due to their inexperience with 3D games and the difficulty with developing for the Nintendo 64 hardware. They had assistance from the development tools and the
Pokémon Stadium development team in improving its visuals.

The high level of difficulty caused Itoi and the other developers to become demoralized to develop a Mother 4. Itoi states that if the game were made for the Super NES, it would have been released much earlier.

It was shown at Spaceworld in 1999 in playable form. It was later delayed, and would be released on March 22, 2000.

On April 18, it was revealed that it would not be shown at E3 in 2000 in any form.] On August 21 of the same year, Itoi officially confirmed the game's cancellation.

Itoi cited trying to "make something truly special" for why EarthBound 64 was delayed and eventually cancelled

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