VIP`Ryan's Streaming Schedule Oct 23-29 - New Beginings

Posted on October 20, 2011 - 2:36am by VIP.Ryan


 Streaming on all next week!

 Howdy folks!

Starting  next week I will be trying a planned streaming  schedule so I can try and keep organized. Since this will be my first week doing this I will be looking for input on what I can do to change the format and game selection. 


This first week I'll keep things simple. Luckily I have an easier work week so I should be able to get some good hours into the stream. Here's what week one is looking like...


Sunday  - Team Fortress 2  (2pm-6pm)

Monday -  League of Legends: VIP`Ryans Journey to Level 30! (2pm-6pm)

Tuesday - Heroes of Newerth (2pm-6pm)

Wednesday - Day off!

Thursday - League of Legends: VIP`Ryans Journey to Level 30! (2pm-6pm)

Friday - I Wanna Be The Guy* (9pm-12am)

Saturday League of Legends: VIP`Ryans Journey to Level 30! (8:30pm-12:30am)


(All times are in Pacific Standard Time)

*Games are not finalized, may change


I'm going to try 4 hours every stream day and see how I feel from there.  I will always start at the time stated but the end times may vary. You will notice a lot of League of Legends is planned during this week. I wanna get to level 30 in time for my next tournament to meet the level cap.  On Wednesday I work during the night so I've decided to take the day off. I'm not sure what game I should play on Friday. Its a toss up between I Wanna Be The Guy and Heroes of Newerth. Of course if anyone had any suggestions of games I could play I would be more than happy to take recommendations. Hopefully you guys can pop by the stream and give me your input. It would be greatly appreciated.


Here comes the links!


Stream Channel -

Twitter Feed - @VIPRyan91

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