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Want to get credited in an upcoming game? Listen to Terra....

7/15/12 11:00am

 It's a contest to get credited in a video game I'm making. 

 Hey guys, Terra here.


Short post this time, just copy-pasting from the forum thread I made a while ago.


Some of you might know that I'm in the middle of making a game called Spectrum. Well we've got about a month or 2 to go til we release it alongside the Irish Indie Bundle, and now before we run out of time, I want to get the g1's involved in some way.



Basically, we're looking for a "Company Logo." Our Team name is called "Prism Games" and we need a pretty logo/banner/whatever. Since I know many of youz guys are good at Photoshopping and design, you're the best people to ask. Let's make a contest out of it :D



What's in it for you? Well, you'll be credited in a game that will have a comercial release. At the very least that's something to put on the old CV :)


If I get a lot of entries, I'll put it to a vote by you g1's. What will be the logo for our small 4 man team?


I'll be accepting entries until the 23rd and then put it to a vote.

Thanks brah's


(Also expect a BroCon 2012 VLog next week. I look forward to seeing all of you Irish g1's there ;) )



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