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War Z producer foul-mouths players

10/25/12 3:03pm

Open World zombie shooter War Z is getting even more flack with the recent discovery that producer Sergey Titov has been talking smack to some of the testers in the War Z forums. Here is an excerpt of his little rant from a recent War Z experience.

"I'm trying to play at least couple hours a day every single day. Getting killed a lot, but 80 percent of all kills are 'honest.' I'm just being careless. I'm not trying to hide. 20 percent are sh***y kills by f**got's who's spawn camping, or by guys who just want to play the shooter and shoot everyone in sight."

Not very friendly words from a guy whose supposed to help get people excited and interested in their upcoming game huh? A representative from the press side has come out and said that Titov isn’t a homophobe, just used “a poor and inappropriate choice of words”. The game will be entering open beta at the end of the month, but frankly, if you want a zombie game, try Day Z. There’s too much drama with War Z for me to care about this game anymore. 

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