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Warren Spector says he wants to develop a new Duck Tales game

11/10/12 11:40am

I think anyone who grew up during the NES era or has a soft spot for retro gaming can agree that Capcom’s adaptation of Disney’s beloved animated series Duck Tales is one of the finest platformers to ever grace the Big N’s 8-bit console. Now that 19 years have past since the last Duck Tales game hit store shelves (Duck Tales 2 for the NES and Game Boy), Epic Mickey creator (and writer of the recent Duck Tales comic series) Warren Spector, says he’s interested in brining the classic series to modern consoles. 

During a recent interview with IGN, Spector revealed that if he gets his way, this new Duck Tales will be quite the upgrade from its 8-bit predecessors from both a story and gameplay standpoint.  
“Might be a little more cinematic than adventure-y. The diversity of the universe’s settings means “it has to be this really big, epic, Indiana Jones kind of adventure thing.”
As far as possible gameplay elements are concerned, he didn’t get into specifics but he did say players could expect multiplayer with perhaps one player controlling Huey, Dewey, and Louie, while the other players take control over other main characters such as Launchpad and Donald Duck. 
Donald’s an interesting choice, given he hardly ever showed up in the actual cartoon. I’d prefer Gizmo Duck. Or better yet, Darkwing Duck. What? It’s well established that DW and the DT characters share the same universe and have crossed over in the recent DW comics reboot. A video game crossover would be epic. Just saying. 
Oh God. I’m geeking out. OK. Let’s change the subject for a moment. In the same interview, Spector also admitted that he pesters Disney on a weekly basis to greenlight the first Epic Mickey for HD consoles (which is the exact same dedication he shows to getting Duck Tales greenlit) and that he’d like to work on future Marvel and Star Wars IPs. He also said he has a basic concept drawn up for a new sci-fi game dubbed Necessary Evil, which he describes as, “Deus Ex with the serial number filed off.” 
These ideas are ripe with potential. Epic Mickey HD has been in high demand since the multiplatform announcement for Epic Mickey 2 (so you know that’ll make money). And someone of Spector’s talent could definitely bring a lot to the table when it comes to the Marvel and Star Wars brands, especially given his love for sci-fi. Necessary Evil sounds interesting as well and could prove to be a spiritual successor of sorts to the original Deus Ex
OK back to the ducks. Do you g1s think Duck Tales could work as a cinematic 3D platformer/adventure game? I certainly do. In fact, I’m excited about the possibility! So much sweet nostalgia. 
Come on Disney. This would make a ton of money. You know Uncle Scrooge can make it rain.

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