werdman24's Playthrough: Scooby-Doo Mystery (part 1)

Posted on April 29, 2012 - 11:03pm by werdman24


 Note:  All I have to record my game footage is my 3DS (not the best, but it'll do), however I am looking to acquire a DVR for better quality.  If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below.

           Hey guys, g1 werdman24 here.  Say, anybody remember an old SNES game by the name of Scooby-Doo Mystery?  Whether you have or not, I've decided to record the first level of the game and intend to record every other level in the game later down the road; and I wanna see where all this  goes. Keep in mind though that this is a playthrough and not a speed run.   So without further ado, TO THE VIDEO!!!




          Well, I hope you enjoyed the video.  If you have any positive feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism, or other helpful advice, please leave a comment below.  And I know there's a lack of voice acting in the video, so if you want me to do my best Scooby-Doo impressions to break up the monotony, please let me know and I'll try to add a commentary track to the video.  Until next time, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on!!!"

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