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werdman24's Soul Calibur V Online Matches

2/15/12 10:11am

           Hello g1s, this is werdman24.  Soul Calibur V came out a couple of weeks ago, and the more I play the game, the more I just enjoy it.  Going through Training Mode and figuring out a character's fighting style is fun and a great way to spend some gaming time; and once you think you're done, you can go online and see fruits of your training.  Sometimes though, those fruits turn out to not have ripen enough yet.


          I decided to go and play online once I felt I had enough training under my belt, and sadly as you're about to watch, I still have a lot more knowledge yet to be obtained.  In the videos, you'll see me trying to pull off a combo I had been working on in Training Mode and pretty much failing most of the time; however near the end of the second video you'll see me finally pulling it off.  In the midst of all that fighting, you'll also see me doing some mix-ups and testing out the range of my attacks.  With all of this going on, I could use different perspectives on these matches to find out what I could improve on; so if you guys see any holes in my game (Heh heh heh heh heh, holes) please drop me a comment below.  Check out the videos, and until next time I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on."


Note: The footage you see was recorded after the matches were done.  I had them play back using the replay feature in the game, which would explain why you don't hear so much button tapping from my stick.  Pretty nifty huh?



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