What if Pikmin were Pokemon?

Posted on January 8, 2014 - 3:40pm by Prowler64


Rather than having their own universe, if Pikmin were Pokémon instead, here are some suggestions that I would make regarding their typing, abilities, movesets and even what EV's you would consider training them in.

With the Pokémon universe being so large now, I wanted to try to see if I could use information about other video game characters, and use their abilities in their own games and convert that into Pokémon. In my first attempt, I've decided to try the Pikmin. They're already very similar to Pokémon so it shouldn't be too difficult with some research. Both are Nintendo IP's, both have a type mechanic, and each type of Pikmin has its own pros and cons in the same way that Pokémon do. This is what I expect the Pikmin to be like if they were Pokémon.


All the Pikmin in Pikmin 3.

The Pikmin are small plant like creatures that come in large groups. They become under control of Captain Olimar in the Pikmin games. The Pikmin use their leaves on their heads to attack and their color determines their abilities and what they are immune to. Red Pikmin are immune to fire, blue Pikmin can survive underwater while others drown, and purple Pikmin just crush stuff because they’re heavy.


Each color of Pikmin can be classified under a different type, but as all of them are born from flowers, all of them would get the Grass type as its main type.

Blue Pikmin obviously have Water as their secondary type. Red Pikmin are immune to fire in their games so Fire is their secondary type. Yellow have electric capabilities so it makes sense to make them part Electric type.

White Pikmin are poisonous, so Poison type is an obvious choice.

Purple Pikmin would be Ground types; causing small earthquakes when they hit the ground makes this a reasonable choice.

Rock Pikmin takes the Rock type. However, due to its immunity to being crushed in Pikmin 3, attacks such as Body Slam or Slam should not be able to affect it. As most crushing moves are normal type, a possible solution is to make Rock Pikmin a Rock / Ghost Pokémon, taking away its Grass typing (see the abilities section for another explanation).

Finally, the Winged Pikmin can take the Flying secondary type for obvious reasons. Their resistance to ground attacks and their ability to fly over water makes this a perfect type for them.

Possible Evolutions

The easiest way of making an evolution for Pikmin would be Leaf Pikmin to Bulb Pikmin to Flower Pikmin. Because this evolution usually happens when the Pikmin are in the ground, the Pikmin could evolve by leveling up.

The bulb, flower and leaf Pikmin stages


A possible ability could be Multitype, which changes the type of the user depending on which plate is being held. In Pikmin, the Pikmin can change what type they are when thrown into colored flowers, which changes their techniques. Due to the nature of the game, Run Away is a good ability to have if the Pikmin was in trouble. In Pikmin, you can escape caves if you are in danger of losing all of your Pikmin. Finally, Chlorophyll boosts the speed of the user in sunshine. A similar mechanic is used in Smash Bros., where normal Pikmin turn into flower Pikmin over time, and flower Pikmin are faster than normal Pikmin.

Due to their immunity to Fire type attacks, a red Pikmin would have the ability Flash Fire, which powers up fire type moves when attacked with a fire type move, and does not take any damage. Heatproof lowers the power of fire type moves.

Similar to the red Pikmin, the yellow Pikmin are immune to their own typing; electric. The ability Volt Absorb recovers a quarter of its own HP when attacked by an electric type move. Lightning Rod will also achieve an immunity to electric type moves, while increasing its Special Attack.

White Pikmin can have Poison Point or Poison Touch, which can poison an opponent upon being attacked with a physical move. They could also have Immunity, which prevents the user from being poisoned themselves. Liquid Ooze gives an opponent damage when using a draining move like Giga Drain.

Purple Pikmin can have Heavy Metal. This doubles the weight of the user, and is a strong tactic for purple Pikmin to use in battle. Another ability would be Cacophony, as they immune to being blown away by the Emperor Bulbax’s roar (Roar is protected against by this ability).

Rock Pikmin are immune to crushing attacks (Body Slam, Slam etc), but there isn’t an ability that protects against these kind of moves. As most of these attacks are Normal type moves, the only ability that really helps is Wonder Guard, which only allows super-effective attacks to hit. Keeping it as a Grass / Rock combo will force these crushing attacks to be in-effective, but has side effects of other attacks not being able to be used against it. For a different ability (if we use a Rock / Ghost typing instead and remove the need for Wonder Guard), Rock Pikmin can make their opponents flinch when attacked, similar to the ability Stench.

For Winged Pikmin, Aerilate turns Normal type moves into flying type moves. Gale Wings gives priority to flying type moves.

Moveset (by leveling up)

All Pikmin

Possibly Headbutt, as this is the way Pikmin attack. Pikmin grow faster when time goes on, so Agility could compensate when they don’t have Chlorophyll as their ability. The Pikmin can Sing when grouped together. While this does nothing to enemies in Pikmin, it could be used as a general attack. Because Pikmin attack in teams, Helping Hand would be a move that the Pikmin learn. Cute moves such as Baby Doll Eyes to lower opponents stats.

Pikmin would be able to learn several grass type moves for basic STAB, like Leech Seed, Razor Leaf (particularly as this is similar to how they attack) and Petal Dance. Don’t forget Leaf Blade or Leaf Storm at higher levels. Possibly even Wake-Up Slap, due to the Pikmin rudely waking up their opponents by slapping them with their leaves. Also, U-Turn to add a Bug type move into the mix which could be similar to how Olimar calls the Pikmin back to join him during a fight. Smack Down can be used against flying enemies, seen especially in Pikmin 2.

Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin can crush enemies. Would this be more like Body Slam or Rock Throw?

Body Slam, Giga Impact and Slam. This is how Purple Pikmin are most likely to attack in the games. Due to the fact that Purple Pikmin can carry the same amount of 10 other Pikmin, Strength would be a move that they learn fairly early on.

Rock type moves such as Rock Throw, Ancient Power and Rock Slide would be in these guys arsenal. Ground type moves Fissure, Earthquake and Magnitude would all be able to be learnt by leveling up.

Rock Pikmin

The Rock type Pikmin can smash glass.

These guys can use Rock Smash, as in the game they can destroy gates and armor made of crystal. Rock type moves like Rock Throw, Ancient Power and Rock Slide for STAB, similar to purples.

White Pikmin

Take your choice of poison type moves from Toxic, Poison Sting, or Acid.

Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, most Pikmin would not be able to learn their own STAB moves, but would have to learn moves such as Flamethrower, Hydro Pump and Thunder or whatever STAB move they have through the use of TMs.

Perhaps they could learn some basic moves to match their type instead such as Flame Wheel, Bubble and Spark.

Winged Pikmin

A few flying type moves such as Sky Attack and of course Fly itself. Acrobatics could also be learnt.

Best EV's

The Red Pikmin are very strong so they should be trained with Attack or Special Attack in mind depending on which kind of move will be used for them.

In Pikmin 3, the yellow Pikmin can easily progress to their flower stage when joining hands. This and combined with their electricity abilities, it would probably be best suited to Speed and Special Attack.

Blue Pikmin are the jack of all stats, but are the most likely Pikmin to be killed, so perhaps a HP strategy would work with an Attack for STAB water type moves.

Purple Pikmin are the strongest of all Pikmin, so an Attack or Special Attack strategy is the obvious choice.

White Pikmin should be trained in Speed due to them being the fastest of the Pikmin, and Defense due to their average attack power and low HP, and reliance on themselves being attacked to poison their opponent.

Rock Pikmin are strong and fast, so Special Attack and Speed are ideal.

Similar Pokémon

By their appearance, Pikmin are similar to the Oddish family. Beginning with a leaf on their head, as they grow, the leaf becomes a flower bud before turning into a full flower.

Having the same species using different typing, battle wise they behave similar to Rotom as Rotom comes in several different secondary typing’s and have a different STAB move depending on the form. Unfortunately, Rotom only has the Ability Levitate, making its flying form’s ability useless outside of inverse battles.

Oddish Rotom

What do you think Pokémon and Pikmin fans? Did I get it right or am I well off? Did I miss something that would be a better fit for the Pikmin? Do you have a suggestion for a character to convert into a Pokémon? Leave a comment below!

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