What should I get with my Gamestop Power Up Rewards points?

Posted on February 25, 2012 - 3:26am by Zyke


 I need help deciding which Mass Effect themed Gamestop Power Up Reward to get.

 After purchasing a large quantity of new games at my local Gamestop, I finally have enough points to get an item from their "Power Up Rewards" website. As I was looking through the  website I saw four different Mass Effect 3 themed items and could not decide which would be the best "purchase" (for lack of a better word).  I was hoping you guys could give your opinions on which item you feel would be the best option to choose. 

The four different items are as follows.

N7 Belt Buckle


  • Looks to be made out of metal
  • Will add to my collection of gaming themed belt buckles
  • Possibility of not being available elsewhere


  • Difficult to show off sometimes
  • Can cause problems at my work ( I've scratched a car with my LoZ belt buckle before )

Dog Tags


  • Can be worn during any occasion
  • Looks to be made out of metal
  • Has the highest chance of not being available anywhere else


  • Small and can be misplaced
  • Hard to show off



  • It holds money


  • Questionable durability
  • Not seen by anyone but the owner usually
  • Does not seem to hold many cards

White or Black N7 T-Shirt


  • Seen by everyone
  • Should not get lost


  • Can get ruined by stains or tears
  • High chance these will be available elsewhere

Here's where I need your help

I want to be able to "purchase" one of the items and not regret it. I would be frustrated if I got one of the t-shirts and it was available on the Bioware store the next month. 

It would be a lot of help if everyone would help out and say which item they think I should get and why. If you don't feel like saying why then feel free to say which item you would choose if you had a choice of getting one of the listed items.

Thanks for reading!

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