What We Need in the Next Super Smash Bros

Posted on July 22, 2012 - 1:00pm by Alpha Unit

Editor's Note: Alpha has some pretty solid ideas here. I find the RPG mode especially intriguing.

If there's one game that could eat more time than Team Fortress 2, it's Super Smash Bros. Bursting with probably Nintendo's finest multiplayer, this game is a game that no gamer should be without; it's often imitated but never fully replicated, so when word dropped out that Namco and Nintendo were teaming up to bring it to both the 3DS and Wii U, we all dropped our shit to play Smash Bros. in 3D and HD.

Most of us have to be excited for gaming's favorite crossover, so naturally, we all start to have these "desires" and "hopes" for which we want to see appear in the game. Of course, Masahiro Sakurai isn't reading this, but holy damn, a man can dream, can't he? 

So here I have it, stuff that I really want to see in the next Smash Bros. to rule them all!

Namco Characters

Since Namco is taking up the reigns for primary development, of course, this might be your first thought. Who wouldn't want to be Pac-Man, or Ivy (With probably censored tits), or Roger Jr. or perhaps the Prince of Katamari fame...Maybe you hardcore Klonoa fans would like him in the fray, too? If Sonic and Snake are allowed to join in the battleground, I think Pac-Man has a big shot.

User Generated Content/ Community Support

What if Nintendo actually tried to build up some sort of community? How about they spruce up the level editor? How about they let you record matches and upload them to Youtube? What if we could take pictures of matches and upload them straight to Facebook or Twitter? Stuff like this is what Valve does, and if I'm not mistakin, there was for a time (maybe there still is) a modding community for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Okay, maybe the improved stage creator and the image uploading thing is all we'll get, but it would be genuinely interesting if Nintendo supported the things fans create. Long shot, I know.

Balanced and Competitive Ready Gameplay



I know, no iteration of Smash is exactly tournament ready, but maybe with a few tweaks, you'll have yourself a have fighter that have expert gamers raving. First of all, they gotta tweak the roster a bit so no one is really overpowered. (Fucking Metaknight is for cheaters) Another thing they gotta do is remove all the damn clones, add a more diverse cast, and improve already established characters. A combo system is something I really want to see, but Smash still needs to keep itself straight with newcomers as well as the hardcore.

Mega Man

How long have we been asking Capcom for MM to make a good comeback? I know everybody will be damn well sad if he doesn't make it. SSB caught attention to Earthbound, Kid Icarus, and Fire Emblem so...GET YOUR ASSES ON TO THIS CAPCOM YOU CAN'T FUCK UP ANYMORE NOW 

RPG Like Adventure Mode

Oh boy this would be sweet. What if Nintendo created something similar to the Sub-Space Emissary, but much bigger, but with EXP and large, vast, explorable worlds thrown into the mix? Trust me, there's gotta be a way to expand the adventure mode from Brawl, and this is the best way to do it. Who doesn't want to level and build their characters or find out the Duck Hunt Dog was the villain all along?

GOOD 3DS-Wii U Connectivity Features

It's coming, we all know, but how exactly is this going to be implemented? Perhaps certain unlockables can only be found with the interactivity? That's pretty much the best way to do it, at least in my mind, but Masahiro Sakurai mentioned that the 3DS version will be customizable and individual and the content created on the 3DS version could be uploaded on the Wii U version, so that is a start. 

Reduce the Clones

Clone characters are nothing new in fighters (Isn't that right Ken and Ryu?), but perhaps this could be the first Smash without any sort of clone? Either Namco and Sakurai dump characters way too similar to another (Should Lucas or Ness get dumped?) or tweak the hell out of them so they don't feel the same, sort of like how they transformed the light and puffy character Kirby into a hulking fatass like King Dedede. 

Online That Doesn't LAG

Do you realize how self-explanatory that was?


Yup, that's all that we have today, ladies and internet nerds. Ain't it awesome? That's pretty much everything needed in Super Smash Bros "Synonym for Fight". Personally, I don't think all this could happen, but this is the stuff that SHOULD happen. I pretty much thought of all the things we needed from the top of my head.

And if this blog seemed short and less experiemental compared to my other blogs from the last few weeks...It really is on the cheap side. I tried to create ambitious or long pieces, but the 130 subscribers don't seem to be latching onto it...So all I had to give was this skimpy block of text and stale humor.

Because: Readership = Quality

Read and comment, and you'll see bigger and better stuff more frequently. I've been in a slump that only you guys could fix.


And remember, Winners don't do Metaknight.

Alpha Unit


P.S. Did you guys notice that my avatar was artwork from the original SSB all along?

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