What's The Difference? Peach vs. Daisy vs. Rosalina

Posted on March 21, 2012 - 12:00pm by Jawbreaker Alumni


I am going to take these three princesses and see what makes them different.

Not too long ago I watched The Best Ever on couples. When Lauren talked about how she prefers Daisy over Peach, it got me thinking how different each princess is from one another. So this time on What’s The Difference, I take a look at each princess and compare their personalities and characteristics. First, let's look at the main princess of the Mario series.

Princess Peach


The main princess of the Mario series, Peach has been around for over twenty five years. Peach is the basic damsel in distress, pure, loyal princess you see in a lot of things. She follows the same formula that the Disney princesses and basically every other bland princess in history follows. Act pure and just, begging for her knight and shining armor to save her, and not act on her own will to save herself. You would think that after twenty five years of being kidnapped by the same person Peach would at least be smart enough to know how to escape from Bowser, but no, she just sits in \Bowser’s castle waiting for Mario to rescue her. Peach has the least personality out of the three, which makes her the least interesting. Other than the fact that she is supposed to be pure, she's basically nothing more than a trophy that Mario and Bowser have been fighting over all this time. 

Princess Daisy


I said in my top 10 Mario characters that Daisy is my favorite princess, and for good reason. Daisy is a tomboy and isn't afraid to hang out with the boys. She's sassy, spunky, and she isn't scared to show everyone else how much ass she can kick when it comes to sports, especially soccer. Daisy is very energetic and happy, which easily makes her more likeable than Peach and her relationship with Luigi proves that. Speaking of which, her relationship with Luigi is more believable than the relationship between Mario and Peach. Mario saves Peach because he has to, but does Mario really want to save the same person who has gotten kidnapped again and again for over twenty five years? I wouldn't. When Daisy and Luigi get paired together, you can tell there's something there. Hell, in Mario Kart Wii, Daisy has a statue made showing Daisy and Luigi dancing together. All of this makes Daisy more than a princess; she's a person with a real personality.

Princess Rosalina


The third and final princess is without a doubt the most interesting of them all. Appearing in Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina is a very mysterious yet powerful character. She is very wise as she is very smart when it comes to knowledge about the universe. She is described to be very strong on the outside, but is sorrowful within due to the loss of her mother. Rosalina has plenty of powers, from being able to float in the air, to turning the comet observatory into a starship. She visits a blue planet every one hundred years which means she is either still very young or she is immortal. But probably the most interesting thing about Rosalina is that she is a mother figure to the lumas. When a luma is born, Rosalina takes care of them in her comet observatory. Feeding them, reading stories to them, and watching them grow up to the day they leave and become stars and planets across the universe. Her mother-like nature and her possible immortality makes her more interesting and makes her the most developed character in the Mario series.

Who is your favorite princess and why?

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