Who Would Win? - Megaman vs. Astro Boy

Posted on March 19, 2014 - 12:40pm by Phoenix698


Rules for a Death Battle:
-Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other unless done so in each fighter's universe.
-The battle ends with death. Personality restraints against killing are removed.
-All attributes, abilities, traits, strategies, and otherwise are represented fairly.
-Research for both fighters is done on equal basis. If one receives representation from non-canon sources, so must the other.

Today we pit two of fiction’s greatest robotic heroes in a duel to the death. The Blue Bomber of Capcom, Megaman joins the fight as one of gaming’s most important icons. Against him lies the character that gave birth to anime and showed even tiny heroes can save the day, the one and only Astro Boy! Lasers, rockets, jets, and everything in between, this battle’s got it all! But who is really the strongest mechanized warrior? Who would win? Let’s find out already!



In the distant future of 200X, the new age focuses on robots and their wonders. But as the terrors of Dr. Wily aim to conquer the world, only one hero can stop them. Rock, the faithful assistant to the father of robots Dr. Light, offers himself to undergo a grand transformation to become the one and only Megaman! Armed with his Buster and all the bravery in the world, Megaman takes it upon himself to thwart Wily time and time again. Learning from his defeated opponents, Megaman becomes stronger with every battle, gaining a new weapon in order to face entire armies of foes. From lasers to rockets and time stoppers to leaf shields, Megaman has it all. While there may have been many reincarnations since then, everyone knows the classic is the best.


At the tender age of 10, Rock offered to give up his human body in order to become the superhero Megaman, showing great bravery and a will for justice. Despite his great changes, Megaman has retained his personality, preferring not to fight if possible and always believing in the better nature of man. He always asks his opponents to not fight, even if it is futile. Even with all his years of battle, Megaman is still a child at heart.  When he must fight however, he never hesitates to go all out to defeat his foes. No matter the foe or situation, Megaman is more than willing to take them on. Kind, generous, and polite, yet fearless, bold, and unwavering, Megaman is the definition of a hero.



Superhuman Body – Undergoing a radical body transformation at a young age, Rock acquired a fantastic body which is almost entirely ceramic titanium, leading to superhuman abilities. He is incredibly durable, able to survive incredible damage. He can leap impressive distances, run faster than the average human despite weighing almost 220 pounds, and possesses enormous strength, able to output 2575.35 horsepower at his maximum level. His body is also flexible and designed to allow for maximum agility while maintaining toughness. His joints are magnetized to him in order to maintain absolute control and speed. To top it all off he has air and suspension pumps that allow him to fall from great heights without worry. This is mighty impressive for someone who’s only 4 feet 4 inches tall. In addition, he also possesses unique techniques, such as the Slide which allows him to quickly dart underneath surfaces and the Mega Upper, a shoryuken like uppercut.

Superhuman Reflexes – Perhaps most impressive about his body is his insane reflexes, able to leap, dodge, and weave incredibly fast. He processes enemy movements faster due to his supercomputer brain, but his body is able to react with lightning speed. He can dodge gunfire and any matter of attack with ease. It also helps in snagging the last pizza slice.

Supercomputer Brain – Thanks to his robotic body, Megaman possesses a supercomputer brain that processes and stores a superior amount of information. Of course, he still has a human personality which limits his capacity for critical thinking due to his young age. His brain is still incredibly accurate, however, which greatly aids him when he needs to analyze the situation.

Unlimited Energy – Megaman runs on solar energy, which he absorbs through the intake on his head. Because of his superior design, Megaman could theoretically function forever due to his rapid intake of energy and almost limitless supply of power. He can fire endless shots with his Buster and is never in danger of running out of fuel or energy, meaning his stamina is infinite.

Weapon Copy System – This incredible ability is Megaman’s core, both to his weapons and his strength. Whenever he defeats an opponent, he is able to analyze their abilities and create a similar weapon in his body. He then wields it just as efficiently as the one who he copied it from. While he has mostly fought robotic opponents, he has been shown to be able to copy even biological fighters abilities from time to time. The copy process requires chips, data, or DNA from the copy in order to work, meaning the foe must be defeated before acquiring the ability, but thanks to it he has gained an immense arsenal.


Megaman possesses one of the biggest weapon collections in all of fiction, as he has defeated hundreds of foes over years of battle. However, that does not mean he always has access to them. It has been shown that he possesses more weapons than he can actually use at one time, so that is the style we will proceed with. His maximum carry limit is 16 weapons, so we will choose the 16 best weapons Megaman could use in this fight. Now, each weapon contains its own energy, meaning that once he runs out he can’t use that particular weapon anymore, so he’ll have to switch. Also, he cannot wield more than one weapon at any time and certain weapons require time before a switch is possible, which will be explained below. Also, since this is a solo battle, no adapters or Rush gadgets are allowed.

Weapons Notes
Mega Buster – His only natural weapon, Megaman always has a gun in one arm. Using rapid fire to churn out energy shots at any range, this is a good all-purpose weapon that can also be charged for additional firepower. It is the only gun with unlimited shots.
Metal Blade – Often considered Megaman’s greatest weapon, these incredibly efficient blades are deadly, razor sharp, and accurate. Thrown with blazing speed and numbers, there is almost nothing these blades can’t cut through. He possesses 112 shots with these deadly discs.
Magnet Missile – Firing magnets may not sound dangerous, but when they home in on targets razor fast attached to explosives, then it becomes clear. If you’re made out of metal, this dynamic explosives are almost impossible to dodge. It’s only downside is that it only contains 14 shots.
Noise Crush – This sonic emitter fires a strong sound wave that bounces along surfaces to strike as many opponents as possible. Another unique feature is that Megaman can reabsorb the sound wave if it finds him, allowing him to re-release the sonic wave with even more power.
Jewel Satellite – Of all his shields, the jewels are the best. Blocking most attacks and even reflecting some, this shield maintains itself during movement. It can also be fired as a projectile, leading to an unpredictable strike. Striking nearby opponents, this shield is super effective. Contains 7 uses.
Mirror Buster - This reflective shield sends all incoming projectiles back where they came from, whether they be rockets, lasers, or anything of the sort.
Black Hole Bomb – This unique weapon fires a black hole that sucks in foes and projectiles alike, maintaining its pull for around 10 seconds. While it may not be super effective on heavy or strong foes, it still has a strong force, meaning damage upon impact is guaranteed. He can fire 7 rounds.
Gravity Hold – Another unique tool, this gun actually reverses gravity on all nearby opponents, pulling them upwards at 20G. When that doesn’t work, Rock then reverses gravity again to slam them into the ground. Can be used 7 times.
Magma Bazooka – This lava spewing gun chews out three shots in a wide spread formation, making it easy to strike opponents. Highly efficient and dangerous at the same time, this gun has all the goods it needs. It also chargeable, leading to more powerful blows. This gun can be fired 56 times at full charge.
Fire Storm – This classic gun was very useful, as not only did it shoot fireballs but it conjured a flame shield that struck nearby foes with every shot.
Atomic Fire – Seeing a pattern here? This is perhaps Megaman’s greatest fire weapon and biggest explosion, as this gun can conjure flames up to 22,000 degrees Farenheit. It may be slow moving and requires a charge, but this gun is devastating to anyone in its path. 3 full power shots and 28 regular are its limits.
Freeze Cracker – Firing liquid nitrogen shots that can scatter into six parts, this gun is rather dangerous. Capable of freezing enemies in their tracks and even solidifying lava, there’s not much it can’t do.
Thunder Beam – This unique gun fires 500,000 voltage lightning in three directions capable of piercing through walls and striking foes above, below, and in front. Putting the infamous pause trick aside, this gun has a powerful strike, capable of defeating most foes in a few shots.
Rain Flush – After shooting a missile into the air, a moment later a strong burst of acid rain crashes down on the battlefield. The burst is rather short, but the damage is impressive nonetheless.
Centaur Flash – A one of a kind item, this weapon emits a strong dimensional flux, which damages any opponent in the area. Basically, it damages any enemy in the area by distorting space momentarily. Best of all, this weapon can be used 7 times.
Astro Crush – This cosmic weapon is one of a kind, as it allows Megaman to summon massive asteroids to strike the battlefield. Unavoidable and incredibly powerful, this is perhaps his most devastating weapon ever.
Time Stopper – This awesome weapon actually freezes time for approximately 5 seconds while Megaman makes his move. He cannot wield other weapons during this period but his mobility is not affected. Of course, it only contains one shot, so he must use it wisely.



Thanks to his incredible store of weapons, Megaman is capable of fighting at any range and in basically any style. But he does have his favorites. Typically rushing into fights guns blazing, he’s not much of a strategic fighter, preferring to win with superior assaults. He relies on his reflexes and agility to escape enemy fire, but his durability and shields keep him safe as well. At times he must analyze a situation in order to find the best way to proceed, but is still rather straight forward in his fighting strategy.


Megaman is an impressively effective fighter, taking on all sorts of enemies with his ever expanding weapons collection. Relying on superior reflexes, durability, and adaptability to just about any opponent, Megaman is prepared for anything. His short stature only makes him harder to hit, his weight allows for stronger physical protection and his supercomputer brain is never a bad thing to have. But even all these weapons and technological goodies can cover up ever flaw. Let’s take a look:


  • Weapons are versatile, destructive, and very unpredictable.
  • A few of his weapons are unavoidable, leading to guaranteed damage.
  • Infinite energy means Megaman will never be without a weapon or ever tire.
  • Durability and unique shields protect him from just about any assault.
  • Supercomputer brain combined with years of experience gives a solid edge.
  • Lightning fast reflexes allow for dodging of gunfire at any range.
  • Fearlessness and strong will give incredible vigor for battle.


  • While he has battled for years, Megaman is still a child at heart and naïve at times.
  • Only one weapon can be wielded at any time, while others require time before switching.
  • While the Mega Buster may contain unlimited energy, it’s also weak.
  • Very little physical combat prowess or skill.
  • Relies on keeping his opponents at bay and avoiding damage, very weak at close distance.
  • Is very straight forward and predictable both in strategy and movement.
  • Relies completely on superior weaponry to survive.


Astro Boy

Also known as Tetsuwan Atom, Astro Boy did not have the typical childhood. While many different versions exist, the common theme is that at a young age, Tobio was killed before his father Dr. Tenma. Filled with grief, Tenma used his advanced robotic knowledge to reconstruct his son in robot form. But when he succeeded, he realized it was not truly his son, for he did not age, grow, or act like a normal boy, so he rejected him. Taken into a circus and treated poorly for his clumsiness, Astro was without a family. But one day a doctor named Ochanomizu took him from the circus and raised him as his own child, giving him a robot family to live with. After realizing his incredible abilities, Ochanomizu began calling on Astro to help protect the innocent and deal with the potential disasters that could strike the city. Astro has taken it upon himself to protect the innocent by defeating evil in whatever form it presents, be it aliens, fellow robots, or even his father Tenma. Astro Boy is also known to be hero who defined the genre known as ‘anime’ which would rise thanks to his overwhelming popularity and unique style. It has been many years since then, but Astro Boy’s iconic legacy has never been forgotten.


Given the personality of Tobio in most versions, Astro has the typical young boy mindset. Of course, with his robotic body and mind Astro has developed some unique perspectives, often preferring more robotic things than his previous self, such as when he chose square like toys over his previous ones. Abandoned by his father but taken in by a new family, Astro now cherishes everything he holds dear. Due to this he now fights as a hero, working to defeat any who would threaten the peace. But even this does not help the public image of Astro, as the people still ostracize him as a robot, not a person, often leading to self-doubt and loneliness. But through it all Astro has rarely hesitated to fly into action or sacrifice himself for the greater good, proving that even though he may be a robot, he still has a human soul.


Superhuman Strength – First and foremost, Astro is strong. His average strength is ranged at around 100,000 horsepower, but usually dials it in until he gets serious. Of course, when Astro is pushed to the limit he pours all of his power into one task, at times reaching almost 1 million horsepower. Of course, these were extreme circumstances and he was left greatly exhausted afterwards, but there is no denying his strength is quite inhuman.

Super Hearing – His hearing is so sensitive it is 1000x times greater than the average human.

Near Physical Invulnerability – With a completely robotic body, Atom is almost completely invincible against physical attacks. While he possesses vulnerability to more energetic or elemental sources of attacks, electricity in particular, this does not dispel his toughness.

Infinite Energy – Called Atom for a reason, Astro is powered on atomic energy which never runs out. As such, both his stamina and his unique tools never run out of power. If he is short-circuited by electricity, however, these tools become more erratic.

Supercomputer Brain – His highly advanced brain is both incredibly quick as well as very accurate, deciphering problems and equations with master speed. Even if most of the time his human personality ignores the information, his brain analyzes the data gathered during his adventures easily. He is also fluent in over 60 languages and could probably learn many more.

Spin Barrier – His only defensive maneuver, Astro spins rapidly to create an energy barrier that protects from him any attacks. However this move requires all of his movement, meaning he cannot move from the spot he uses it. Furthermore the technique is not perfect, since it is not repeated very often and possibly takes a large amount of energy to perform.

Hyper Adaptive System – This unique system is constantly monitoring Astro’s current battle status. By monitoring the opponent, his body begins to rise in output and strength in order to match the opponent. Plainly speaking, Astro slowly grows stronger against opponents who are tougher than him, pushing his abilities to the limit needed to defeat his foe.


Robotic Eyes – With special cybernetic eyes, Astro has two additional functions to his normal sight. First is his bright flashlights that allow him to see in any environment. In addition he also possesses X-ray vision, allowing him to see through walls, people, and anything else he needs.

Rocket Jets – Connected to his feet and arms, Astro can fly anywhere he wants to. Used both as a hovering tool and to rocket at insane speeds, this jets are incredibly versatile. Once he even managed to push them past the speed of light, although this was a unique circumstance and it left him incredibly drained afterwards. Most of the time however he uses them as a way to the edge over his opponent or to take them by surprise with quick entrances and attacks.

Laser Cannons – With two super-powered energy cannons in his arm, Astro is always ready for a fight. Shooting out large laser blasts to pummel his enemies, their fire rate varies depending on the situation. Astro has full control of them, meaning he could charge them if need be.

Laser Fingers – Another primary method of attack, Astro possess laser pistols in his fingers that can be used for precise firing and rapid attacks. At times he has pushed their power to be beams, increasing their power and range.

Rear Guns – First off, no, the guns did not originally come from his posterior. They were attached from his hips and simply fired from the rear. Of course, people have forgotten this over the years. While some versions are machine guns, the original version was another pair of laser guns that Astro could fire from….behind.

Electro-Heart – A unique tool, this allows Astro to discern people’s criminal intentions, though how he does so is not entirely clear. Most likely he is able matching his own heartbeat with theirs, allowing him to detect instantly when they’re lying.


When his incredible robot body combines with his young mind and brave heart, Astro’s fighting style is born. Almost always flying using his jet boots (and sometimes hands) Astro enjoys a high flying style where he smashes his opponents with quick strikes or blows them away with his plasma cannons and or laser fingers. He’s always in the thick of fight, blasting away until his opponents go down. Of course, as a young boy, Astro loves the thrill and sometimes slacks off or doesn’t take the fight seriously. Even after years of battle experience, Astro can still be very naïve when it comes to fighting and/or his opponents. Of course since his base ability is so massive and his maximum limit is potentially nonexistent, he can afford to be a little lax.


Astro Boy is an incredible fighter, possessing some of the most classic and important traits of a great warrior. He’s strong, can fly, can fire laser guns, and is almost completely invulnerable to normal attacks. He has a supercomputer brain, slowly gets stronger as a fight progresses and still possesses a youthful appearance. But that isn’t the whole story on Astro Boy. In many different versions Astro has been shown to possess very clear limits, both in his personality and physical ability. Let’s see what they are:


  • Incredibly strong, able to lift entire cities. Once defeated a foe who could lift the Earth.
  • Flying ability gives great speed and maneuverability. Once traveled faster than light.
  • Supercomputer brain is incredibly accurate and processes information quickly.
  • Almost completely invulnerable to physical damage.
  • Unlimited energy supply powers weapons, jets, and stamina endlessly.
  • Great bravery and heroic personality means Astro never gives up a fight.
  • Slowly gets stronger as a battle progresses, reaching incredible limits if necessary.


  • Astro is naïve, often not fighting seriously until the fight gets dangerous.
  • His hyper adaptive system works slowly. He does not fight on full when a fight begins.
  • Is vulnerable against energetic or elemental attacks, though he can resist them.
  • Weak against electricity, which can short circuit some of his functions and weapons.
  • Weaponry is basic and predictable. Even fighting style and strategy are nothing special.
  • Astro relies on jets to be fast, but is only above average in physical speed.
  • Greatest feats, such as faster than light travel, were all unique circumstances.
  • Astro has been defeated and destroyed by mere explosions and enemies before.





Astro Boy





Neither. Both have supercomputer brains that process information quickly, but both have human personalities that override any advantages they might have.




There’s no comparison. Astro Boy is leagues above Megaman in base strength, with his base strength being at least 39x stronger.




Again, there’s little comparison. Megaman is certainly one tough cookie but Astro is almost completely invincible against physical damage.




This one is close, but it has to go to Astro simply because he can fly. While Megaman is physically more agile and can move around better than Astro, his jets are simply too good to ignore.




Surprisingly, this goes to Megaman. Even with his feat of traveling faster than light, would that really help in a fight like this? In order to use it, Astro would have to start leagues away, reach full speed, then identify where Megaman was in the instant he got near him. His base jet speed is impressive, but Megaman’s lightning fast reflexes counter perfectly.




This is an obvious one. Megaman has hundreds of possible weapons he could bring into this fight, but putting that aside his weapons are simply more effective. The Thunder Beam is Astro’s weakness, he has 5, count them, 5 weapons that are unavoidable and the rest are devastating guns that Astro would have a difficult time against because they aren’t physically damaging. Astro’s guns are petty in comparison.


How would a fight between these two play out? Let's see below! NOTE: This is purely fiction and not necessarily how the fight would unfold or conclude. If you do not wish to read, please skip to the prediction for the result.


Megaman was running hard, desperate to reach the end of the factory as soon as he could. Dr. Light had sent him critical information about a potentially dangerous robot that had just surface. Could Dr. Wily really be at it again? It didn't seem like his work. There were no minions and the report was for only one robot. It's possible this was a unique situation. he came to stop in front of his destination, a large door that always inevitably lead to his target. He took a breath and stepped through the hallway. As soon as stepped through, he saw a young boy wearing nothing but boots and shorts standing in the middle of the factory. The roof was open, but the walls were covered in machinery. Despite an odd haircut, nothing seemed off about this boy. Until he turned around and Megaman instantly noticed a mechanical look in his eye. He raised his Buster and spoke: "Dr. Light sent me. Are you another one of Dr. Wily's robot masters? If so, I'll have to stop you. So just stop whatever you think you're doing and surrender!" The boy seem surprised, but smiled and crossed his arms. "Dr. Wily? Whose that? My father is Dr. Tenma. And I sure don't know a Dr. Light. But I sure do know a challenge when I hear it!" He raised his arms and took a fighting stance. Megaman began cocking his weapon. It always led to this....


Astro starting flexing his fingers, ready for the incoming fight. He wasn't sure who this blue guy was, but he was obviously itching for a fight. His electro-heart was giving him a strong signal that whoever this robot was, he was serious. And dangerous. A moment passed while both waited for the other to begin. Then Astro whipped out his laser cannon and fired a strong shot. No sooner had he done so when the blue guy returned fire, detonating his own laser blast, negating the other in mid-air. Then they both went crazy. Exchanging fire with multiple blasts, both began leaping and bounding around the room, angling to get any kind of shot in but both weren't having any luck. Astro was getting impatient, so he charged both his hands and went for a full power shot. Upon seeing this, the robot began charging his own gun, releasing a massive power ball that collided with Astro's, releasing a strong explosion in its wake. Astro wasn't done yet though. Activating his jets, he rocketed into the air and pointed his fingers, preparing for a precise laser shot. Firing off a couple shots, he was annoyed when the robot dodged easily. Then suddenly he changed color, becoming a yellow brown version of himself. Astro didn't have time to ponder what had happened as large metal discs began flying towards. Rocketing backwards, Astro fired off several rounds to destroy them, but a few grazed his shoulder. The discs kept flying, but Astro was farther away now and they weren't getting anywhere near him without being destroyed. The robot seemingly noticed this so he stopped firing and changed colors again, turning a red and white combination. Then he shot a magnet out. A magnet? Astro thought. What good would that do? His answer came screaming him at him, detonating with a forceful blow. 


The magnet missile had done it's job, catching up to the boy just fine. But Megman was disappointed to see him jet out of the smoke cloud, looking no worse for wear. Well, perhaps he needed a few more. Shooting out several more, Megman soon filled the air with rocket magnets, each barreling towards the boy. He began swerving around the room, hoping to lose the missiles along the machinery but they weren't losing their target. Just when the magnets seemed poised to strike they suddenly exploded in a flurry of laser shots, all of which had emanated from guns that had just appeared from the boy's rear. Megaman sagged. What an embarrassing weapon. He hoped he wouldn't receive it when he took his guns. But clearly he needed a better weapon now. The boy robot was clearly tough. But before he could decide, a storm of shots suddenly rocketed toward Megaman, threatening to destroy him. With no time to dodge, he whipped out his Mirror Buster and generated the shield, quickly reflecting the shots all back towards the shooter. In the madness, he saw a blue blur shoot upwards, leaving behind some smoking trails.

Good, he thought. Some of his own shots must have hit. But he couldn't leave him at that. He turned on his Rain Flush and shot a blast, knowing that the boy's upward trajectory would work against him. No sooner had he shot the missile when a sudden downpour of rain cascaded down over the factory. Sudden cries of pain echoed from the pipes above, confirming a hit. Megaman bounded through the pipe work, hoping to follow up with a win.


Astro's skin was burning. And that was supposed to happen. Quickly turning as fast he could, the strange rain finally flew off in splatters. Where they landed, the drops began to corrode the metal. Astro couldn't believe it. Acid rain? What other tricks did this guy have? He didn't have a choice now. He had to get serious, or he could get into bad trouble. Hearing the strange android leaping through the metal, Astro spurred his jets and rocketed towards him. His guns didn't seem to have any effect, so it was time for his fits to do the talking. As soon as he passed a corner the blue boy was there, just having reached the adjoining platform. Without hesitation, Astro began pummeling him, having caught him off guard. Blow after blow rained down, quickly denting the robot's metal. He managed to dodged some and was trying to fight back, but his fists simply bounced off of Astro's body. With a definitive kick, Astro finished him by crushing him through the walls outside of the factory. Astro followed, hoping to finish it. But the robot didn't seem to be fazed. He was already turning another color, no doubt procuring another weapon. that's when everything flipped. Suddenly Astro was careening skyward, almost as if he was falling.

Powering his jets, he countered the sudden change, but realized what had happened. His gravity was actually reversed. Every scrap of metal sent flying in the fight was suddenly flying past him into the sky. But his jets had saved him. Looking for the now purple warrior, Astro spotted him on the ground far below, scurrying away as fast as he could. He aimed and was about to pull the trigger when he suddenly starting falling very fast.


The boy crashed hard into the ground, clearly not expecting gravity to return back stronger than ever. But Megaman only had a moment. Procuring his Black Hole Bomb, Megaman fired off a round that detonated near the crater, suddenly creating a black hole. All the nearby dirt and debris began being sucked in, including the boy. His jets powered, countering the gravity. He tried firing his cannons but his shots ere being sucked in too quickly. Megaman realized he needed another weapon fast. As soon as the black hole finally gave out, Megaman switched to his Thunder Beam and fired off a charge, hoping to fry him. Despite flying wildly after the black hole disappeared though, the boy quickly recovered, just barely managing to avoid a clean shot. But the beam DID manage to penetrate his arm, quickly electrifying him as a result. Yelling in shock, the boy crashed to the ground. He attempted to stand up, but he was having difficulty. Clearly the electricy was short circuiting him. Megaman thanked his lucky stars and pulled out another weapon, this time deciding to go with his Magma Bazooka. He began churning out dozens out shots, pummeling the robot again and again with smoldering lava. He was beginning to run out of ammo when the boy finally retaliated, spinning incredibly fast, procuring some sort of wind barrier that was blocking his shots. Running out of ammo, he quickly switched to his Centaur Flash.

He may not be able to penetrate that barrier with projectiles, but he could still hurt his foe. Charging up the blast, Megaman released a giant flux through space, creating a dimensional surge that pummeled through the barrier, striking his foe hard. The barrier faded away, as the boy was on one knee gasping for air. Just as he though victory was within reach, the boy suddenly disappeared, becoming a quick blur. Turning too slowly, Megaman was suddenly crushed by a sudden impact that sent him skidding across the desert landscape. Coming to a halt several hundred yards away, Megaman picked himself up slowly. He was badly damaged, that was for sure, but at least he was still functioning. Whoever this kid was, he was amazingly strong. He couldn't afford to take another hit.


That felt good, Astro though to himself. He was becoming frustrated with this guy's weapons. That strange force before had really hurt. He had never felt an attack like that before. If even his barrier couldn't protect him, he had to end this now. He took to the air once again and knew what he had to do. All he needed was a little more speed. He fired off like a jet and began circling the blue robot's landing spot. He had begun spurting flames, but Astro was done with these guns. Quickly diving into a close glide along the ground, Astro came up behind on his target. Suddenly flames shot out and covered him, but Astro had faced worse. Striking hard and fast, Astro knocked his opponent solidly into the ground. He circled around quickly, preparing for another pass. The robot was now circling jewels around himself, but that was hardly a good defense. Quickly bursting into a direct strike, his hand bounced hard off one of the jewels, which had moved to intercept his fist. Backing off quickly, he circled around and tried again, but the same thing happened. Becoming a web of rocket trails, Astro struck again and again, hoping to penetrate through those bloody jewels, but nothing was giving. Pausing a moment to rethink his strategy, the jewels suddenly came flying at him, striking hard and clunking off his skin. Hardly dangerous, but Astro was getting REALLY mad! Then he realized he had lost track of him. He must have hidden behind one of the rocks scattered through this place. No matter.

Astro activated his hearing and eyes, knowing he could sniff this guy out somehow. Sure enough, he heard scuffling behind one of the rocks behind him. turning his X-ray vision towards it, he saw a very mechanical body changing shape. Then he leapt from behind the rock and shot ...something. Astro wasn't clear on what it was until it hit him. A sudden screech rocked his world. His eyesight turned white and his head began vibrating violently. Argh, the NOISE!. Thankfully, after the noise had passed. Astro seemed to be okay. The blue guy was closer now, but he seemed not to be attacking. What the heck was he going to do next?! Astro closed his eyes and calmed himself. He knew that EVENTUALLY he would have to take this guy down. His inner workings were continuously working harder and he could feel himself getting faster and stronger, but it needed to happen quicker. He yelled out loud: "You're really annoying to fight, you know that? I could go a whole year without fighting another blueman like you!" The robot smirked back "That's MEGAman. And the same goes to you, Butt-Gun Boy!" A vein popped in Astro's head. Didn't know he could do that. "That's ASTRO Boy!" He couldn't take it anymore, he was ending this! But suddenly, the sky went dark.


The Astro Crush rained down countless asteroids on the robot named Astro Boy, pummeling him again and again with cosmic force. Megaman sighed. It was definitely over now. But just as he thought it, a crunch suddenly rang out as a meteor was split in two. Then another. Then another was smashed into pieces. And he couldn't believe his eyes. Astro was actually PUNCHING the asteroids to pieces! There was just no way! How strong was he?! Megaman took several steps back and pondered his next move. With the final asteroid batted away, Astro Boy stepped out of the smoldering crater, gleaming in smoke and cosmic dust. He pointed at Megaman. "You're strong, Megaman. But I'm finishing this! I'll be back soon!" He powered his rockets and burst into the sky, quickly disappearing as a dot. What in the blazes was he doing? Megaman watched and waited, hoping to find some clue. Then he saw it, a massive ring was beginning to form. Astro was circling around and around, becoming faster and faster. Soon a massive cyclone began to form, interrupted only by a massive jet wake that was building. Megaman's eyes were struggling to keep up as Astro continued to increase in speed. So THIS was his trump card. An attack so fast and strong there was no way to dodge or survive. Megaman thought fast. How could he counter this? His mind raced, calculating endless possibilities, until finally he thought of one crazy idea. It could work. Just maybe.

Swtiching to a purple and white suit, Megaman watched and waited. He would only get a moment. And come it did. Suddenly rocketing out of his whirlwind, Astroy Boy began screaming towards megaman. With a defiant roar, Astro screamed "IT'S OVER!". Closer and closer, Astro became a missile of doom, careening towards Megaman to annihilate him. Megaman waited, hoping for the perfect moment. Then time stopped.


Astro smashed with terrifying force, creating a massive crater and summoning a massive cloud of dirt and rubble. Cracks in the ground had formed, his overwhelming strength pulverizing the structure of the ground. Where his fist had landed, a perfect hole had emerged, penetrating who knows how deep. And he had missed. Somehow, against all odds, he had missed! It wasn't possible! His speed had been staggering, but surely his brain had managed to keep tabs on where megaman was! He looked around, desperately looking for the blue warrior. Then suddenly a giant ice particle struck him, freezing him from top to bottom and tethering him to the ground. From the dust emerged Megaman, who was now turning a deep red. Astro struggled with all his might, slowly breaking the ice. He spat at megaman angrily: "How did you dodge it? There's no way you could have moved that fast!" Megaman nodded in agreement. "You're right. I can't. But for a guy who can stop time, even if it is for 5 seconds, dodging things isn't really all that hard." Then he began charging up his weapon, conjuring a massive fireball that seemed to be growling with power. "But you are right about one thing, though." he said. "It IS over." With a massive fireball seemingly churning with power, Astro knew he had to escape. Pushing his body to break through he began peeling through the ice. But it wasn't fast enough.


Megaman put everything he had into the shot, firing a massive fireball of death. It struck Astro, transforming into a massive column of flames and energy. Disappearing into the inferno, Astro's body disintegrated into ash. Once the fires dispersed, Megaman collapsed to the ground. His body was aching, which it didn't usually do since it was made of metal. But he had won. And that was all that mattered. Suddenly a familiar voice chimed in his head: "Analyzation complete. New weapon available." Megaman stood up and activated his new weapon. Jets suddenly appear in his feet and his hands turned into massive guns. He felt new power surging through his system. He felt stronger. Megaman was feeling like he had just won the lottery. "I think I'll call this one...the Astro Core." Then two guns popped out of his rear.



This is a battle of extreme advantages. On one hand, Astro Boy is superior in just about every way. He’s faster, can fly, can survive almost any physical punishment, is strong enough to lift cities and has at times reached insane levels of energy matching 1 million horsepower. If he got his hands on Megaman, it’s game over. But there’s the problem. Astro Boy is strong, but he doesn’t have the offensive firepower to match Megaman’s immense and versatile arsenal. In comparison, Atom’s guns are basic, predictable, and can even be reflected, blocked, or dodged very easily by Megaman. So, Astro has no choice but to go to close range. This is where Megaman takes the win. He excels as staying away from opponents and pummeling them with punishing and unique weaponry. Of all the weapons Megaman was given, only the Metal Blade is potentially useless against Astro Boy for the mere fact that it’s a physical weapon, along with the Magnet Missile which is hard to avoid but is only an explosive and easy to shoot down. But even then Magnet Missile is surprisingly fast while the Metal Blade can possibly be sharp enough to cut Astro and there is certainly no lack of either.

Megaman is a long range weapons master, can survive anything Astro fires at him and has weapons that are unavoidable. The Time Stopper, Gravity Hold, Astro Crush, Centaur Flash, and even the Rain Flush are more than enough to put Astro on the edge but on top of the Thunder Beam which is Astro’s weakness, the Sonic Crush that could pulverize Astro’s super hearing, the Freeze Cracker which would freeze him in his tracks, the Black Hole Bomb which is hard to get away from along with all of his devastating fire weapons? There’s no question Megaman has a severe advantage. So what it really comes down is whether or not Astro could destroy Megaman with his bare hands before Megaman destroyed him with his long range weaponry. Because Megaman is no slouch in durability himself, can match Astro’s speed with his reflexes, and possesses shields and other tools to survive close encounters, I must give the edge to Megaman. To put the nail in the coffin, Astro’s immense power levels rise slowly over battle, while Megaman fights all out from the get go.

Astro Boy is one of the strongest robots ever created and almost invincible to boot, but even he has his limits. The Blue Bomber simply outgunned him. The winner is Megaman.

Next Week

As usual, give me your thoughts in the comments as well as any suggestion for future battles. If there were any mistakes or glaring issues, please let me know and/or spam me. Also, make sure to check out my other blogs, as I've done some interesting matches. Next week I will be starting a massive project to determine the greatest swordsman in fictional history. How will I do this? With a battle royale tournament of course! You want a particular character in? Comment away and give a compelling argument as to why he or she deserves a chance.

So far I have 64 contestants lined up, but I'm always willing to invite more, so long as they follow these 5 rules:

  1. The warrior must use a sword as their primary form of combat or least a significant part of it. For example, this excludes all Assassin's, since they prefer hidden blades and can wield any weapon.
  2. No overpowered characters. This excludes the entire roster of Bleach, since all of their abilities are destructive on a massive scale. Besides, they're power fighters anyway, not sword fighters. 
  3. No Jedi or Sith. Putting aside the obvious lightsaber factor, there are simply too many great warriors. I could be comparing these guys all year.
  4. The character must have both his abilities and limits clearly defined. For example, while I would love to include Dracule Mihawk from One Piece, I can't since no one knows what he is capable of or what his limits are.
  5. The character should have a feasible chance to win. This goes for most movie heroes. While Wesley and Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride are very iconic swordsmen, they don't stand a chance against, say, Roronoa Zoro.

Besides that, everything is fair game. I will be doing battles of 4, continuously ranking the fighters from top to bottom. We will continue this process until the true champion is crowned. Till next time!


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