Who Would Win? - Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher

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Rules for a Death Battle:
-Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other unless done so in each fighter's universe.
-The battle ends with death. Personality restraints against killing are removed.
-All attributes, abilities, traits, strategies, and otherwise are represented fairly.
-Research for both fighters is done on equal basis. If one receives representation from non-canon sources, so must the other.

In this edition of Who Would Win?, we explore a showdown of espionage super spies who save the world and look cool doing it. We pit Metal Gear Solid super-soldier Solid Snake against Tom Clancy’s iconic hero Sam Fisher in a clash of stealth, weaponry, and combat specialists. Who would win? Let’s find out already!

Solid Snake

Genetically engineered from legendary soldier Naked Snake aka Big Boss, Solid Snake was born to be the perfect warrior. Trained since youth in the art of the commando, Snake received training in skydiving, close combat, weapons mastery, and the art of stealth. Spending years under the tutelage of Big Boss, Snake respected him ironically as a true father figure. Joining the black ops squad known as FOXHOUND, Snake destined to be a gifted warrior as intended. Things went wrong on a mission to save a fellow comrade named Grey Fox, from which Snake learned of the existence of the super weapon Metal Gear and the man behind it: Big Boss. Defeating him sent Snake on a lifelong request for redemption and clarity, struggling to realize his purpose in life. Fighting his twin brothers Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake and defeating villains across the world attempting to realize the terror of Metal Gear, Snake became the hero the world would never know about. Even after accelerated aging, Snake continued to fight for world peace, defeating his demons and evil however he could.



Trained in the ways of the military since youth, Snake has deep repressed emotions to control his fighting ability. While he rarely breaks his demeanor or calm mentality, his emotions sometimes break to the surface, showing compassion and kindness. As a soldier he maintains a distance from others, preferring to work as a loner. While his friends and enemies belief he secretly loves killing, Snake always claims that violence is not glorious and killing is wrong. Even in moments where he should be angry, Snake is almost always at peace, even accepting his questionable origins and where he came from. When his accelerated aging began to foretell his death, he never shied away from his inevitable doom. With his indomitable will for justice and belief in the perseverance of love and friendship on the battlefield, Snake is not your typical soldier.


Snake has a wide variety of skills that allow him to tackle any mission with ease, though he tends to follow a certain pattern. Maintaining his stealth and avoiding detection comes first, so he utilizes disguises, trickery, diversions, and silent takedowns to complete his mission. He is very adaptable, as uses unconventional hiding places often, even using a cardboard box to trek across a level undetected. He prefers non-lethal, though mostly to remain unseen and unheard. When stealth fails however, he is more than prepared with his weaponry. A skilled marksman, Snake can wield any weapon, so long as he remembered to pick one up. When the fight comes up close, Snake reveals his mastery of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) which was taught to him by Big Boss. This style blends pistols, knives, and fists into a seamless style that utilizes grabs, choke holds, takedowns, disabling or disarming an opponent and/or beat downs. With his superior training and augmented ability, Snake can handle anything.


Intelligent - Possessing an IQ of 180, there is nothing that gets by Snake. While not a strategist per say, he is very adaptable, able to analyze any situation, get a grasp of it, and take control. From makeshift flamethrowers to unconventional methods, Snake can handle any problem.

Physicality - Possessing a striking resemblance to his genetic origin Big Boss, Snake stands at 6 feet tall weighing 165 pounds. His genetic modifications groomed him to be the perfect soldier and has shown incredible athleticism and ability to prove it. His durability is immense, as he has survived electrocution, being set on fire, and being tortured for an extensive period. Surviving all manners of attacks, Snake has shown to be above the average soldier in every regard.

Expert Martial Artist - With his mastery of CQC, Snake utilizes a superior fighting style that blends martial arts, knives, and guns together. Holding a pistol in one hand with the knife in the other, Snake can take on opponents in any way he chooses. Without weapons, his style utilizes grabs, takedowns, chokeholds, and other such grappling maneuvers along with intense disabling beatdowns to eliminate opponents. While mostly non-lethal, Snake is not afraid to go further. He has also shown the ability to take down skilled opponents on occasion, as he once out fought a Cyber Ninja with speed 10x that of a normal human.

Extreme Survival Skills - Having been trained nearly all his life, Snake is capable of surviving in any environment for prolonged periods of time. Able to outlast any weather and utilize his environment like a master, Mr. Snake is one tough cookie to crack.

Indomitable Will - Having endured a lifetime of fighting, Snake believes in one thing above all: justice. Despite intense pain and suffering, along with constant betrayal, Snake always remains vigilant, prepared to give his life for the cause he is fighting for. Even on the brink of death with nothing else to fight for, Snake’s desire to live caused to change his mind about committing suicide. With his aging body Snake still managed to summon the energy to fight one last battle.

Hardened Veteran - Spending a lifetime fighting battles, there is nothing Snake has not experienced. From fighting on open battlefields to infiltrating heavily guarded facilities, Snake has done it all. With training since youth and experience in all manners of fighting, this soldier has proven he is more prepared and capable for any mission than anybody could ever be.

Master Stealth Artist - Trained by the best, Snake is a master sneaker. Blending in with his environment, moving quietly, and creating unique diversions are just a few of his tricks. Wearing disguises, utilizing silent takedowns and weapons, and even hiding in cardboard boxes make him one of the hardest men to find in a room.


Bandanna - One of his trademarks, Solid Snake is never without his trusty bandanna.

Sneak Suit - His iconic combat uniform, this sneak suit carries several features. Along with being quiet, this suit augments the user’s strength and durability slightly. Along with sensors for avoiding toxins, the suit was recently outfitted with OctoCamo, which makes the wearer blend in with his environment almost flawlessly. Able to regulate extreme temperatures as well, this suit allows Snake to be stealthy in any environment.

Stun Knife - This unique knife operates both as a cutting tool and a stunning device, as it generates an electrical charge on the blade size to “taser” opponents.

Solid Eye - After losing his eye in a grueling torture session, Snake was outfitted with a stunning eyepatch that could view the world in a stunning way. Using thermal imaging and a telescopic sight, this eye can even detect enemy footprints and predict their paths. Along with identifying enemy traits, heartbeat, and overall condition, this eye constantly gives Snake an edge.

Face Mask Disguiser - This unique mask changes his appearance as he needs.

Cardboard Box - His most well known item, this serves as an actually useful hiding tool.

Codec - This radio built into his ear allows for stealthy conversation. He receives information, sends it, and transmits other such data via a device embedded into his ear. Requires recharge.

Nanomachines - Injected with nanomachines, these devices administer adrenalin, nutrients, and sugar to keep in him in fighting condition. Unfortunately these devices came with a huge drawback as they also caused his accelerated aging due to lack of advancement.

Rations - These food bins are actually intensely helpful, as their overflowing nutrients and blood-clotting agents help to heal Snake’s wounds and treat his damage, though he carries few.

Scope - His trusty binoculars, these specs can analyze a site with telescopic sight and detailed analysis.

Night Vision Goggles - To see in the dark, even Snake needs some night vision specs.

Gas Mask  - Protects Snake from deadly gases.

Armstech Pathtracker 3000 - A portable explosive detector device. Able to detect hidden bombs.

Ketchup - Has faked death and injury before using a smashed ketchup bottle. Seriously?

Diazepam Drug - A unique pill that steadies Snake’s aim for a full minute.

M1-11 Combat Vest - This body armor gives additional protection against enemy ordinance.

Parachute - Uses to survive long falls and get into hard to reach places. Obviously.

Hang-Glider - Glides to open spaces as necessary. Not subtle though. Not at all.

Cigarettes - A heavy smoker, Snake is never without his cigarettes. In game, the cigarettes actually drain health short of killing him, but steady his aim for additional accuracy. After the endgame of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Snake gave up smoking. No spoilers here!

M9 Modified Pistol - His most used pistol, this baby can be modified with a suppressor, a laser sight, flashing light, and even a tranquilizer. While effective on single targets, it it hard to use on groups due to its locking reload.

M4 Assault Rifle - While Snake has used several assault rifles over the years, nothing comes close to this one in overall versatility and capability. With 30 rounds per magazine, this nifty gun can be outfitted with laser sight, night vision, telescopic sights and gun mods. This includes a M230 grenade launcher and a M26 MASS shotgun.

Grenades - Along with his weapons Snake has used frags, smoke bombs, knockout gas, flash grenades, and even chaff grenades that acts as an EMP to eliminate electronics for 10 seconds.

C4 - These plastic explosives could be attached to anything, even humans, than detonated remotely. Capable of destroying heavy vehicles, this is an overall useful bomb.

Claymores - Set in the ground, these mines go off when an enemy draws near.

Solar Gun - Quite literally a solar powered gun, this gun releases a powerful charge that knocks opponents 10 meters and out cold, scattering their goods around. Easily chargeable in sunlight.

M82A2 Sniper Rifle - His most powerful sniper rifle to date, this armor piercing gun was deadly. Holding 10 rounds per clip, this .50 caliber rifle was able to take out any foe he laid his sights on.

M10 Submachine Gun - Spraying 30 bullets faster than you can blink, this gun is insanely effective in close combat, though it obviously burns through ammo quickly.

SAIGA-12 Shotgun - The most effective of his many options, this 8 clip 12 gauge shotgun drops opponents with blazing power and speed.

XM24 CDTE Grenade Launcher - This air burst grenade launcher is impeccable at taking out opponents behind cover with its timed explosions.

Molotov Cocktail - Not afraid to get sloppy, Snake has thrown together a Petrol Bomb to burn his foes (the "actual" name), even using it as a distraction to get around enemies.

M79 Grenade Launcher - This grenade launcher contains 6 rounds per magazine.

Nikita Rocket Launcher - This radio guided missile launcher could hone in on targets with incredible accuracy, though it leaves Solid Snake vulnerable while doing so.

Stinger Missile Launcher - This heat-seeking rocket launcher locks to any heat source and fires, using a fire-and-forget style so the user doesn’t need to worry about the missile hitting the target.

Man-Portable Rail Gun - Rather than explosive gases, the bullets in this gun were fired by electromagnetic pulses, increasing both range and damage. Requiring both hands to use, this devastating gun can punch through anything and defeat any opponent.


Solid Snake is a formidable soldier, both in stealth tactics and combat. With extensive training and experience along with a keen instinct, Snake has survived incredible missions, defeating masterful opponents time and time again. Even with the odds are stacked against him and his own body is failing him, Snake always rises to the occasion. Sadly though, the man has had some serious flaws over the years. Let’s take a look:


  • Extensive training and experience along with sharp instinct prepare him for any situation.
  • Genius level intelligence gives unique perspective and capability in a fight.
  • Superior adaptability and unconventional methods allow for unpredictable techniques.
  • Weapons master, able to wield any gun or weapon with skill and precision.
  • Martial arts master, able to duel and defeat opponents with superior strength and speed.
  • Genetic enhancement, nanomachines, and special suit boosts strength and durability.
  • Avoids detection and utilizes takedowns with ease thanks to master stealth tactics.
  • Intense willpower pushes Snake beyond his limits to achieve the impossible.
  • Very durable, able to survive all manners of damage, including prolonged pain and injury.


  • Nanomachine flaw causes rapid aging, decreasing his speed, strength and reflexes.
  • Prefers non-lethal tactics and avoiding the enemy.
  • CQC has more non-lethal techniques than lethal attacks.
  • Vulnerable against extended gunfire, cannot take extensive ordinance.
  • Stealth technique is not perfect, sometimes leads to vulnerable state.
  • Not a strategist, prefers instinct and training along with smart mind to lead the way.
  • Fair share of weaponry and tools is used for stealth, non-lethal tactics, and diversion.
  • Doesn’t like to carry too many guns, travels light for stealth missions.

Sam Fisher

Black ops extraordinaire of the secret team Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher was a natural soldier. Graduating the Naval Academy with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Sam pursued a career in the military. After being accepted into the Green Berets as a teenager and serving in the US Navy Seals for years, Sam was flagged to join a special ops team known as Third Echelon. Engaging in the most secret missions, Sam was granted the “Fifth Freedom”: The right to break the law in order to protect it. Engaging in wars, espionage, long term undercover operations, black ops, assassinations, and everything in between, Sam Fisher was a legend. Even after the betrayal of Third Echelon and the faked death of his daughter, Sam never lost sight of his purpose: to kill for the purpose of peace. Currently serving as the Commander of the Fourth Echelon, Sam continues to operate all over the world, never letting his targets see their impending doom.



Often considered cold and emotionless, Sam is actually very emotional, though he suppresses them to maintain control. His personality is very suited for black ops work, as he sees every situation in the same focused manner. He has shown humanity before, but only in emotional or stressful situations involving friends and family. Otherwise he’s basically a machine, operating with absolute precision in everything he does. He maintains a light-hearted relationship with friends and foes to keep them a distance, preferring to work alone. When he jokes, it’s sarcastically and with a dark brand of humor, often using morbid references and referring to the situation at hand. Sam never loses control, never loses sight of his target, and almost never fails.



Sam is a sneak artist, literally blending into the shadows to get around his opponents. Using his unique agility he is able to scale pipes or hover in hallways to get the drop on guards or to escape from possible detection. Using his well known goggles Sam is able to have visual in any environment. Brutal, quick, and deadly, Sam gets the job done. Of course, when stealth fails, Sam has an arsenal to fall back on. Carrying basic weaponry, Sam relies on marksmanship by marking targets then delivering a quick draw attack to take them down. Up close he brutalizes his foes with quick and heavy strikes, disarming and disabling with killer blows. Having fought in just about any situation, Sam is prepared to take on any foe with his wide arsenal of killing and sneaking tools.


Master Stealth Artist - Using his light absorbing silent suit and incredible agility, Sam hides in the shadows and works efficiently and quietly. Using diversions, low lighting situations and even scaling hallways, this soldier can sneak up on just about anyone. Also trained in espionage and infiltration tactics, Sam has handle many different types of stealth over the years, even operating as undercover agent for six months. Even when his cover is blown Sam can slip into the shadows or fool his opponents with various tools to get the flank.

Expert Commando - Trained for years in the Green Berets, Navy SEALS, and Splinter Cell, Sam has operated all over the world in dozens of countries and in every battle condition possible. Be it wars, infiltrations, assassinations, espionage, black ops, hostage rescue, and even personal vendettas Sam has a lifetime of experience to pull from. Trained in HALO/HAHO jumps aka sky diving, underwater fighting, and various other combat scenarios Sam is prepared for any fight.

Athletic and Agile - Weighing at 170 pounds and 5 feet 10 inches, Sam has an impressive physicality for a man in his 50’s. He is able to scale any surface and hang from just about any pipe or ledge. He moves fast, fights hard, and never gets tired. His training in martial arts has only made him more capable, dealing with any situation like a pro. He has even mastered Parkour which lets him get to any place he needs with ease.

Black Belt - Taught in Krav Maga, an Israeli martial arts based on brutal strikes and disarming and disabling your opponent, Sam trained for years to harness this style. The style focuses mainly on knee strikes, elbow attacks, and disabling blows designed to leave an opponent unable to fight.

Master Interrogator - Both ruthless and creative, Sam has interrogated many people over the years. Whether it was for the job at hand or simply a personal quest, Sam always gets the answers he needs. He’s used knives, fire extinguishers, and grates to make them talk.

Expert Marksman - Capable with any gun, Sam has handled just about every weapon a soldier could carry. But his real skill comes through with his ability to mark several targets at once and dispatch them in a quick and deadly flurry of shots. Even more impressive is that he is ambidextrous, able to wield any gun with both hands.

Precise and Calm - With his years of experience and training combined with his personality, Sam is a precise machine of deadliness. While not a strategist he controls every situation he’s in, utilizing all of his skills to do what is necessary. He never loses his calm nor does he lose sight of his purpose. Even in emotional or stressful situations Sam relies on cool intellect and a calm persona to analyze and act.

Urban Combat and Tradecraft - Trained in urban combat, Sam can handle fire-fights in enclosed spaces and around tight quarters. Also expertly proficient with trade-craft skills, Sam can handle computer hacking, surveillance, and disarming explosives with ease.


Multi-Vision Goggles - His iconic three eyed headset, these impressive goggles offer three sets of vision, including thermal imaging, electromagnetic eyes, and night vision. Made of Plexiglas, these babies will never shatter, even under gunfire.

Mk V Tac Suit - This suit is Sam’s most useful tool, as it is made of photo-absorbent fibers that absorbs 30% of sunlight so he becomes one with the shadows. The suit is also completely silent, making no almost no sound through movement. The suit is also designed so the pockets and bags conform to the human form, making it easier to hide. The suit regulates temperature for comfort from 15 to 110 degree weather. Packed with 12 bladders of water, Sam never goes thirsty. It detects lasers from snipers, so he knows when he’s being targeted. It has a compact breather for quick underwater getaways and hard knuckle gloves for additional damage. If that weren’t enough the suit is interwoven with Kevlar, so it’s almost bulletproof against conventional gunfire.

Five-seveN Semi-Automatic Pistol - His favorite pistol, this gun supports a 20 ammo magazine size, a sound and flash suppressor, laser and reflex sights, and match grade ammo for additional damage. It also can be equipped with a Tactical Audio Kit, which when aimed at a surface or targets picks up vibrations to listen in on conversations or pick up subtle sounds. It also has a Optically Channeled Potentiator for disabling electronics.

SC-20K M.A.W.S. - The Moduler Assault Weapon System is his most versatile weapon and is highly modifiable. Possessing a 1.6x magnification scope, an integral silencer, a 30 round magazine, and attachable flash suppressors with red dot and reflex sight, this baby is packing. It gets better though. It is also equipped with a 12 gauge shotgun and a 20mm Sniper Barrel, though the shots are limited to 7 rounds. Both can pierce cover and ammo and the sniper comes with a 6x zoom. And no, that’s not enough. There has to be a grenade launcher as well. It can launch smoke grenades, nonlethal bombs, sticky cameras, and EMP ammo. It can also be loaded with Ring Airfoil ammo, which strikes with hollow rings that can knock the opponent out. The Sticky Charge ammo is a sticky shocker that knocks out opponents with high-voltage. There is also a deployable All-Seeing Eye which comes with a parachute in order to get a birds-eye view of the situation. All in all, it’s an impressive piece of weaponry.

Karambit Curved Knife - This hook designed blade is perfect for taking down opponents stealthily and interrogating them for answers. With its wicked curve it also helps to drag in opponents after hooking. What a bloody mess that is.

Sticky Cameras - This cameras can be stuck to any surface to get a unique glimpse on hard to see areas. While they serve an ocular purpose, they also serve as distractions. Some come with knockout gas but have to be very close to opponents to use. The cameras come with night, thermal, and EMF sights just like the Multi-Vision Goggles.

Crossbow - A completely non-lethal weapon, this weapon serves several purposes: Firing noisemakers, sleeping gas, sticky shockers, and EMP chaff grenades to knock out sonar.

MP7A2 Machine Pistol - His deadliest one handed gun, this pistol fires off hollow point ammo insanely quickly, even coming with a silencer.

MP5-SD3 Submachine Gun - His only silenced submachine gun, this baby also comes with a 2x scope and hollow point ammo for additional damage.

Mossberg 500 Shotgun - Besides his MAWS shotgun, this is probably the most powerful shotgun he’s ever wielded, blowing away opponents at close range.

SC-IS Sniper Rifle - Again, not as good as the MAWS version but it does have a silencer.

Grenades - What commando would be complete without frag, incendiary, EMP, and phosphorus grenades? None, that’s who. Not all can be used with grenade launcher.

Taser - Surprisingly enough a simple taser is useful enough for a black ops soldier.

Portable EMP Generator - If bullets can’t do it, knock out electronics with this EMP generator that stays on for a short period.

Tri-Rotor - A flying remote piloted drone that fires sticky shockers and gives a unique view of areas explored. It can be self-destructed and emit sonar pulses, though painfully unstealthy.

Breaching Charge - Again, what commando DOESN’T have a breaching charge?

Optic Cable - Connected to a small portable device, this cable can be fed under cracks to get a camera view of what’s on the other side. Useful for peeking behind doors.


All in all Sam Fisher is a deadly black ops soldier, carrying every tool he needs not only to stay hidden but to infiltrate and destroy any obstacle in his path. With advanced stealth gear and a very versatile arsenal, there’s very little wrong with Sam Fisher, as he is a very balanced warrior. Of course, in his 50’s, he’s got to have a little wrinkles here and there. Let’s take a gander at his standards:


  • Master stealth artist, both in infiltration, combat, and espionage.
  • Expert martial artist, skilled in disarming, disabling, and brutalizing foes.
  • Expert weapons user, able to wield any gun ambidextrously.
  • Expert marksman, able to mark targets and eliminate in efficient quick draw.
  • Athletic and agile, capable of getting anywhere and utilizing any environment.
  • Versatile training, arsenal, and experience means he’s prepared for anything.
  • Personality is perfectly suited for his fighting style and efficiency.
  • Expert interrogator, both ruthless and creative in his technique.
  • Is experienced fighting in any situation, be it urban battles, black ops, or all-out war.


  • Weaponry is mostly basic. Besides the MAWS and five-seveN, nothing stands out.
  • Weaponry is based around stealth and versatility. Relies on skill for taking out foes.
  • Not very durable. Suit offers protection but it is his only defense.
  • Carries little weaponry, relies on stealth on taking out opponents quickly.
  • Uses stealth far more than basic tactics, be it gun battles or close quarters.
  • Not experienced in fighting equally skilled opponents.
  • Old age slows down ability, though not by much.


Traits Solid Snake Sam Fisher Notes
Close Combat X   Sam may be more brutal and is slightly heavier, but while his Krav Maga training is black belt class, Snake's CQC is considered the best in his world. He is also stronger, faster, and more durable. While not a deciding factor, his knife is also superior.
Long Range Combat X   Again, Sam may be the better shot but Snake has better guns, his both nonlethal and lethal choices having devastating ability, most notably his solar and rail guns. 
Stealth   X Both have good hiding and sneak skills, but Sam is better at both. He also has better detection gear and better takedowns thanks to his agility and ability to get into hard to reach places. 
Weapons/Tools/Armor X   Snake has better guns, body armor, and sneaking tools, though Sam beats him at actually using this weapons and gadgets.
Strategy   X Snake is more obvious in both fighting and sneaking, preferring to work in plain sight. Sam is far more crafty and skilled at working unseen. Snake prefers spray and pray with guns while Sam marks his targets and fires with precision.
Training/Experience X   Sam has fought in countless battles and operations all over the world since young adulthood, but Snake has been trained since youth in all aspects of combat. He was also bred to be the perfect soldier, inheriting genes from Big Boss, who was considered the perfect soldier. Snake has also fought stronger opponents, fighting superhuman opponents regularly while Sam has only fought humans.


Want to see how a fight between these two could play out? So do I!  This next section is completely fiction and not necessarily how the fight would proceed or conclude.


At an abandoned facility, deep within dangerous woods, an old-looking man was smoking a cigarette. After breathing out fumes for a few moments, Solid Snake rubbed the cigarette in the ground and straightened his bandanna. He checked his gear and took out his scope to survey the area. Switching between several visions, he couldn’t tell much. If it was really abandoned like Campbell had said, then there was nothing to worry about. Get in, take the secret plans, get out. Simplest job he ever did. And that’s why it worried him. Snake was too skilled for this mission. The place was too remote. And most importantly, Roy said it was top priority. He took a breath. Something was bound to go wrong. It always did.


At the other end of the facility, a man was moving through the shadows, analyzing the area from afar. Taking in the two story building, it didn’t seem like much to the man. It was military for sure, the rusted vehicles and weapons scattered around proved that much. But abandoned? Sam Fisher didn’t think so. This mission was all wrong to him. It was a special favor and it seemed simple enough. But if it was so simple, why send him? The day was beginning to burn out, so Sam set out. If he wanted this job to go right, nightfall was his best time of day.


Snake crept through the facility, wondering at what laid within. The steel walls and floors were dirty and had splashes of rust, but what really concerned Snake was the constant sounds echoing through the halls. A drop of water here, a crack there. He was certain he heard someone breathing behind him, but turned to find but air. This place felt off. Snake shook it off and proceeded in. No need to get creeped out, the job was at hand. He followed the details Otacon had given him and proceeded to the center room, where the files were supposed to be found. He stepped into the room and found a large open space, largely filled with stairs and railings as the room filled the entire building. Snake was beginning to think about analyzing the other floors first when green lights caught his eye.


Sam locked eyes with him as soon as he did. He was old, probably in his 60's, but looked buffed-up in a combat suit with an eye-patch. They paused for a moment, waiting for something to happen. Then the tension snapped. Both drew their pistols and disappeared into the nearby stairways. The building was rather symmetrical, meaning both had an even advantage on getting the drop on one another. But Sam grinned, since he knew he was a bit more agile than this old fart. This guy looked professional, but letting Sam see him was his worst move. He scaled up the pipe-work and began working his way to the other side, remembering to stick to the darkness…


Snake’s heart was pounding. Somebody had showed and already he had lost sight of him. Furthermore this guy looked dangerous. He had never seen that type of gear before. He shook his head, concentrating on the task at hand. Working his way silently through the hallways, Snake knew he was closing in on him. He would just stick to cover and wait for him to pop his head out. Then a quick takedown and this mission was over. He put his back up against the wall near the entrance way and waited. And waited. He was beginning to doubt his strategy when he heard a small scrap above his head. Firing into overdrive he flung himself from the wall, but tripped as a strong limb crashed on his shoulder. Spinning it off he spun around and fired off several rounds, hoping to catch the attacker. Two tagged him on his side but he returned fire with a few shots of his own. Three hits knocked the wind out of Snake and pegged him against the wall, but he powered through it and charged forward. The man quickly retreated. After plunging into a maintenance hallway that covered the entire south wall of the building, he quickly made headway as he flung himself from the railing and caught a pole, swinging to a nearby wall, then bouncing off to a grate, which let him land safely on the bottom. He was good at getting away, but Snake couldn’t let him. If this guy could get the drop on him like using a hallway of all things, he couldn’t risk losing him again. He fired off a few shots but missed as he darted around a corner. He followed quickly, but grimaced as he realized there was no way to follow, as the stairs turned the other direction. He left off the rail and landed hard on the floor.  He followed quickly and aimed hoping for a clear shot but the target was already out the door. He raised his gun and followed, adrenaline pumping through his veins.


Sam cursed under his breath, knowing he had just let a good chance slip away. This guy had somehow dodged his kill shot and hit him with a couple rounds. The shots stung but thankfully his suit had held. Still, this old man had the advantage now. He was fast, no doubt. But Sam still had a few tricks up his sleeves. He checked his cameras, which he had planted before striking. Sure enough, the soldier was following, making sure he wasn’t setting off any traps. He was gaining too. Sam ran into a nearby room and crouched into a dark corner, leveling his gun, ready to pounce. In the darkness, he was invisible. Shortly after the man followed him in, scanning the room. As his eyes passed over him, Sam knew he had him, as his suit was almost perfect for hiding in the dark. Then his eyes came back. Too late he realized he had been spotted. He rolled out just a shots exploded where he was once. He lept through a nearby window into an adjoining room and drew his MAWS, ready for a gun fight. Peering over he squeezed of a few rounds, hoping to catch him off guard but he was already in cover drawing an assault rifle of his own.


Snake grinned. His Solid Eye really had come through for him that time. To his naked eye, he had seen only black but his thermal imaging had seen the crouched figure just in time. Pity he had missed. He readied his M4 and began firing, aiming at the wall hoping to penetrate. He ducked as green-eyes returned fire, spraying the room with bullets. Papers flew and walls began to crumble, but then the man ran through a nearby door, making a break for it. Snake followed quickly, pressing his advantage. They both darted through the hallways exchanging fire and getting into cover wherever they could. Soon enough they make it outside where the only cover remaining was a few crummy vehicles. Then suddenly a grenade launched out, barely giving Snake enough time to dive for the nearest concrete block. Snake readied his own grenades, flinging both a smoke and frag to disorient him. Two bangs later, Snake dove to a nearby jeep and poked over, scanning the area. He caught a thermal glimpse of the man disappearing into the tall grass nearby. Snake cursed and gave chase, but did not make it ten steps before a sudden gas cloud formed before him. Quickly donning his gas mask Snake jogged out of the cloud to get a clear view. Whoever this guy was, he was good at covering his tracks. Then suddenly a shot rang out, striking a nearby rock. Snake ducked and realized he was in familiar territory. A sniper’s crosshairs.


Realizing he had caught a break, Sam thanked his lucky stars the soldier had decided to cover himself with smoke rather than pursue, otherwise Sam would have been in a vulnerable position. Now he was on a nearby hill and the man was none the wiser. He had missed his first shot, but he wouldn’t miss again. Night had fallen, giving Sam his home turf. Donning his goggles, his scanned the field for the man. He had done well to begin the mission before night fall. The situation was now under control. Now if he could only find him...Scanning for several seconds, he realized with dread he had lost track of him. How?! He couldn’t just simply disappear! He gritted his teeth and continued to search, hoping he’d pop up. Then he heard a distinctive sniper round and his eyesight exploded.


Snake’s M82A2 was smoking after a deadly shot to the man’s eye. With the Diazepam drug coursing through his system, Snake’s aim was true. After following his tracks with his Eye and predicting his location, Snake used his OctoCamo to slip away and get a good position. Now the fight was over. But suddenly the man stood up and threw his goggles away. What? He was alive? He didn’t have time to think before shots began raining down on his location. Ditching the sniper rifle Snake rolled away and began crawling to escape. Shot after shot rained down before a moment’s hesitation. Taking his chance he whipped out his Javelin and fired, guiding the rocket towards the hill. He had almost made it when shots rang out and tore through the missile, detonating it in mid-air.  He wasn’t going to stop though. He grabbed a nearby Stinger missile and locked on to a soft thermal image on the hill. Firing a hefty shot he then bolted for the building. He wasn’t going to get another chance. Just as he leaped into the open door a bullet tore through his leg, blood splattering over the wall. Yelping in pain, Snake managed to pick himself up and move further into the building, hearing a loud explosion in the distance. It probably didn’t hit, as his luck was getting worse. After a safe distance, he pulled out his rations and chowed down, knowing the blood clotting agents would stop the bleeding. It wasn’t too bad, but he couldn’t afford another injury like that. This guy was a good shot. Realizing he had a chance to get the drop on him, Snake looked around for a possible hiding place. Now he had the edge...


Sam panted as he ran down the hill, aiming to catch the man before he had a chance to escape. That missile had almost hit him but his TriRotor had saved him, taking the heat from the missile. It wouldn’t be useful in this situation anyway. Whoever this guy was he was really resourceful. Then as luck would have it as he leapt over a small bump a violent explosion sent him flying. “Damn!” Cursing and landing several feet away, Sam picked himself up and realized what had happened. Before getting the shot out, the old geezer had managed to plant explosives over the field. He was thinking several steps ahead. Picking himself up and dusting off his rear, Sam took a look at his goggles. The Plexiglas eye had been the only thing that had saved him. The night vision was useless now, but the thermal still worked and he needed it now. Donning his goggles once again he lifted his rifle and made his way into the facility, remembering to watch for bombs. He knew the man had probably found a good place to hide with his head start. Scanning room by room, he made way his back to the center stage. Going up to the second floor he noticed a particularly bright box on his sight. Scanning closer, he finally realized there was a crouched figure inside the box. He almost laughed out loud. It was so ridiculous a disguise it would have worked had he not used the thermal imaging. Switching to his shotgun mod he leveled his gun. He was just about to pull the trigger when he saw the head swivel his direction. Then an exclamation point of all things appeared suddenly above the man’s head with a sharp alert. What the devil was that? Ignoring it he pulled several shots, but he was too late. The man had dove out of the box, leaving behind a shredded cardboard mess. Cursing again at his missed opportunity he continued pouring on gunfire to pin him down, succeeding in stopping him from getting beyond a railing guard. Taking his own cover behind a pillar, he switched to his submachine gun as he had effectively run out of ammo.


Snake was breathing heavily but he couldn’t let that stop him. This guy had smoked him out just like he had, but now stealth was out the window. It was time for a gun fight. He took out his M10 submachine gun. Spraying and praying was his only option now. He also had a few shots with his SAIGA shotgun and the XM24 CDTE launcher but the fighting field was less than desirable. They were on a guardrail that extended around the entire room. Both had plenty of cover to move between and neither could sneak up on the other without exposing themselves. He peeked his head over just as the other man did, prompting both to open up. After that it was chaos. Bullets flew everywhere and debris quickly filled the air. His gun vibrated violently as he spilled more and more bullets, opening that any one of them would find a target. Darting from cover to cover, he hoped to a get an angle, any angle, while the other man weaved and dodged while picking his shots, not doing much better. When he ran out of shots he dropped his gun and pulled out the shotgun, not wanting to give him a breather. He was returning fire with a ridiculous machine pistol, but it was doing its work, keeping him pinned behind the pillars. The shotgun wasn’t working, so he pulled out the XM24 and hoped for the best. A few spurts later and the other railing was crumbling. With this he was SURE to have done some damage. Then a few potshots came from the right end, proving him otherwise. Snake cursed and fired a few more, but missed and ending up shooting randomly, hitting down below. Explosions and smoke followed quickly. The air was beginning to feel thick and burnt. The smoke wasn’t stopping either. With dread Snake realized their fight had ignited several ordinance crates on the first floor. A few minutes and this would be all over. He didn’t have time to lose. He pulled out some toys that were sure to end it…


Sam was panting heavily since it was getting harder to breathe. Smoke was rising quickly and filling the air. Where there was smoke, there was fire. And where there was fire, explosions were sure to follow. Sam wasn’t doing so hot either. He had effectively used up all his ammo trying to nail this sucker and nothing had stuck. All he had left was his crossbow. He fired a few sticky cameras on either end of the commando’s position, hoping to get a better view, but the smoke was making it difficult. Loading the sticky shocks, he hoped to at least get a tag so he could bum rush and end it. But as he aimed over the railing, he saw a unique sight. The man was holding a gun he had never seen before. It was small but emitting a great deal of light. He met eyes with his foe and realized he was smiling. He rose to pull the trigger but as he did a tremendous force knocked him off his feet spinning into the air. Landing hard on his back, Sam groaned in pain. He looked and saw that his left shoulder was smoking, as well as the wall behind him. He glanced over, seeing that the man’s gun had somehow emitted a beam of all things. But he was alive. He had barely managed to dodge when he was hit, and it probably saved his life. But worse was that his shot went wild and he had dropped his bow down below. He was defenseless. Sam rose and waited for another shot to come, but nothing came. Then it dawned on him. He COULDN’T fire another shot. Whatever it was, it was a one shot deal. He peeked over, confirming his theory when the man threw the gun away and hide once again. Sam grimaced, his left shoulder smarting something fierce. Now they both had no guns? Well, he was just fine with that. But nobody was fighting here. The fire was beginning to spread to the second floor and he needed to get out somehow. He began to trod to the nearby stairwell but was stopped by a voice behind him: “Hey. This ain’t over yet!” Sam turned to see the man hefting a heavy gun, almost like a machine gun. But it was different somehow….Whatever it was, Sam knew he was in trouble. He turned to run.


Snake lifted the rail gun and aimed at the man, shouting out to keep him in place: “Bet you’ve never seen one of THESE before!” The gun purred and churned rapidly, beginning to release it’s payload. The man’s eyes widened to shock and he turned to run but it was too late. Snake fired off a massive shrapnel, detonating the opposite side. He fired again and again, not allowing any possible escape. Then the gun died, dead of its power. Snake dropped it and waited for the debris to clear. He then saw a stairwell leading up and no body. Unbelievable, he thought to himself. He was still alive after all that!? Snake turned to his own nearby stair and knew what was coming next. He quickly sprinted up the stairs to expose himself to the roof, where the other man was waiting. They faced each other, smoke and fire billowing out from the windows, creating quite a spectacle. But they didn’t look there. They were facing their greatest challenge. Snake spoke up first: “My name is Solid Snake, an operative from FOXHOUND. I’d like to know yours. The man grinned and spoke back. “Name’s Sam Fisher. Commander of the Fourth Echelon. And it’s quite thrilling to be facing an equal for once.” The name and agency wasn’t familiar, but the man was deadly serious. Snake’s body was aching and his wound was beginning to bleed again, but he knew he wasn’t done yet. There was one last fight to go. He grasped his knife, took his stance, and readied himself.


As the man named Snake slowly inched his way towards Sam, Sam took his own knife and took his pose. It was time to end this. They inched ever closer, daring each other to make the first move. Sam was more than happy to. He lunged out, jabbing quickly to make him back up. It worked, so he swung his knife around, but was quickly blocked by a raised arm. He followed up with an elbow strike, but Snake countered with a knee block. Sam then tried a spinning kick, but was quickly blocked and forced to counter himself. Back and forth their blows struck, but ultimately no one was gaining. The blood pumping through his ears, Sam began to hit harder, knowing he could take down this man somehow. Slowly, but surely he was making him hurt. He tried a low slice, but then Snake grabbed his wrist and brought him close. His hand tried to wrap around for a choke hold, but Sam forced out and tried a stab. Snake dodged and then cut his cheek with a quick jab. But then a shock coursed through his face, staggering him. His vision was blurred but he quickly threw the knife hoping to catch him off guard. It did, sinking into his left arm. He dropped his knife and took a knee, pulling the knife out with a groan. Sam pulled himself to his feet and rushed him, striking hard and fast hoping to end it quick. Snake was trying to keep up but he was quickly slowing down. They were both old, but Sam had never felt more alive. Blow after blow weakened Snake’s guard until finally an elbow strike knocked him flat. He tried to get up but Sam was ending this now. He pulled out his last ace, his Karambit curved knife, and stepped forward. He aimed for the neck, but Snake suddenly shot up and changed its direction, ALMOST stopping it. Almost. The knife sunk deep into his shoulder, both man trying to out-power the other. Snake yelled in pain, trying with everything he had to fight back. But this fight was over. Just a few moments more and Sam would be heading home…


The pain was intense, piercing his shoulder with every beat of his heart. The pain escaped through him in cries of pain, but Sam was pushing hard trying to get the final kill shot. Snake was on one knee, he didn’t have the strength left to push back. But he couldn’t let him. He couldn’t die here, not now. Yelling out a roar of defiant rage, Snake summoned all his willpower and began pushing back. His will soaring through his veins, he pushed up until he was standing. He fought harder and harder, until finally the knife began to slip out. Slowly dragging, Sam was pushing with every fiber of his being. But Snake was pushing harder. With a final slick the knife surged out. He slowly began to turn the knife towards Sam, but he wouldn’t have it. He knocked it aside for straight for Snake’s neck. But Snake countered and wrapped himself around Sam’s body, holding his arm and neck with both arms and his legs with his own. They rolled around, Sam fighting for breath, desperately trying to reach the knife to free himself, but slowly he began to fade, his movements becoming slower. Then, he stopped moving altogether. Snake released him, gasping for air. He slowly stood on his feet and began to walk away. Before he reached the ladder, he looked back one last time at perhaps one of his greatest foes. Then he turned away and pulled out his cigarettes. Lighting one and smoking it as he always did, his heartbeat began returning to normal. He then flicked it away and left to return home.



This is an intense fight all the way through, but it came down to undeniable facts. Sam may be a better stealth artist and has better detection gear, but in the end stealth doesn’t matter. Snake and Sam are both experts at detecting hidden opponents, so getting the drop on their enemy wouldn’t be easy. Snake’s eye is perfect against shadow hiders like Sam while Snake’s hide in plain sight style isn’t exactly hard to pick out with Sam’s vision goggles. Even if Sam did use his unique techniques to get the drop on Snake, his reflexes wouldn’t let Sam get the kill. Stealth, surprisingly, can’t decide this fight, even if it is in Sam’s corner. But in just about everything else Snake had the advantage.

Sam is a better shot, but Snake has better and more advanced guns. The MAWS is an impressive rifle, but it’s only one gun. Furthermore Snake has better armor, even wearing extra body armor at times. At close range Sam is much more brutal and has more weight. But Snake is slightly taller, has better reflexes, and is a bit stronger, thanks to his suit. Even his knife is better, able to stun opponents if they’re not wary of it. If that weren’t enough, Snake has defeated superhuman opponents with his bare hands before, even once defeating a Cyber Ninja with 10x the speed of average humans. Sam has only fought battles by human standards. Combined with his intense willpower, Snake has the definitive edge. Sam just can’t keep up.

Sam Fisher is a deadly black ops soldier capable of killing anyone. But Solid Snake is the perfect warrior with a strong will, always believing in achieving the impossible. The winner is Solid Snake.


Credit also goes to FastBlade5035 for collaborating in research, writing, and editing. As usual if you have any comments, questions, or problems you would like to address please comment away. Also this is my first attempt at adding a story for entertainment's sake along with the prediction. Please give me your thoughts on what you think about it and whether or not you'd like to see more. Next week I will be doing a requested match-up between two old mechanized heroes, one from one of the best game series ever made and another from a classic manga. Till next time!

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