Why Did You Start Playing Video Games?

Posted on December 14, 2012 - 1:32pm by Alpha Unit


Tis nostalgia harsh, but reminisce.

I've been playing more video games at the moment than I have the rest of the year. The holidays are springing up, work is winding down, the apocalypse is supposedly coming to screw us all hard, but that doesn't matter, I'm a gamer, and mashing buttons together with my fingers to make something happen on a screen is what I do. It's not my life, but gaming is a grand chunk of it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

After playing some Marvel Vs Capcom 2 with some of my chums, and looking back at how the year just flew by like it was nothing, I wondered to myself how my life is passing so quick, and how little video games I've played in comparison to how many have been made and are being made. I was astounded by how badly I was unable to grasp time so well, and how much I had left to play, but still astounded nonetheless.

It's quite often when I reminisce about the days where I spent playing Nintendo 64, attempting to count to the rumored number 100, and watching Nickelodeon before it ever attempted to lure a female demographic properly. Time is just going faster and faster in my mind, and I'm quite confused as to whether I should be happy or sad about this. All the achievements and shame, equally just, they pass by.

But going back to the real subject matter here, I thought again why I play and continue to play video games is, and I've attempted to try harder to subconciously harken back to those days, but it remains the same really:

I was just a small kid who was blessed with a Nintendo 64. I got Diddy Kong Racing, A Bug's Life, and Super Mario 64 with it. What a joy it was to be pulled into another realm that is hard to comprehend for a small mind. It was even more fun and captiviating to play video games as a kid. And while it's still fun now, it's just way harder to enjoy entertainment now that my brain attempts to analyze every nook and cranny of it every time. I know nostalgia is what you'd call a "bitch", I had no nostalgia back then, so I essentially couldn't be wrapped into it.

I didn't care if the three-pronged controller made absolutely no sense, and the controller stick was a blister magnet for your thumb, it pulled me in. I later welcomed a Gamecube, an NES, a GBA, a Wii, A DS, an Xbox 360, a PSP, a 3DS, and a PC into my home. Each one of them had a certain magic to them, but had I been much younger when I finally got them, they would've been that much more special. And even if my pool of time just evaporates into thin air and confusion, I always try to search the time for gaming because it will always have a special place in my heart. All those times spent with those electronic realms and all those pseudo-tournaments with friends will always stick with me, and as I attempt to host game days on 360 and PS3 later on, I always will.

So I ask of you, how did you start playing video games and why do you continue to do so? Not to be an intruder, it'd be neat to know. I'll post those little stories of yours straight into a new blog if you do so.


Thank you very much, kind internet.

Alpha Unit

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