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Why do you love/hate emulation?

4/12/12 11:06pm

 Please leave in the comments your thoughts on emulators.

 So recently, I saw a video where a guy was talking about R4 Cards, basically a tool that allows one to play emulators on a DS. And I promptly commented, "emulators suck." soon after,  a guy replied with "please explain why emulators suck." And it kind of got me thinking.

Why do I really hate emulators? I guess the idea of not playing on an original console and not using a controller (however you can buy usb controllers for emulators.) kind of bothers me. However, thats just because I'm a collector of retro games. So I had to think deeply, why do I truly hate emulation?

Well, emulation has some pros, I mean, Some games are so rare, that it's nearly impossible to get them. Ever hear of someone buying a copy of Earthbound or NWC 1990 recently?

Another pro would be the idea of being able to store an entire library of a systems games in one compact area, but again, there can be a con to that to, not actually owning the cartridge, which may only concern collectors.

Another reason to use emulators is that, and I'm sorry to say it but, Eventually, at some point, a retro system WILL stop working because of old age. However, with emulators, that won't be a problem.(Unless the harddrive fries)

However, emulators have become a way to show kids retro games in the wrong  way. If you want your child to learn and play retro games, buy an NES, and let them play Super Mario Bros. the way it was supposed to be played. There is a certain "feeling" when you're at home, sitting in front of your TV and playing the game. Not sitting in an office chair looking at a computer monitor. But hey, thats the way I would want it.

Save states just flat out annoy me, just because they basically make a game easier, but they're optional.

Also even though this is kind of a dumb reason, but if you don't own the game, downloading ROMs is illegal. However, Nobody really cares if some 13 year old kid is downloading 20 year old NES games.

I put that reason in because, when I buy a game, I feel as if I'm giving the original creator a little bit of respect for playing the game. Even though they get no money from it at all when you buy a game used at say, GameXChange, I still feel that I am showing that I care about the original developer.

Here were some g1's thoughts on it, which were actually more for emulation than against it.

aik_peklan: "I'm fine with it. Been emulating my PS2/PS1 games since my PS2 broke."
Ivan2294: "I'm okay with them, besides it's only the ROMs that are illegal right?"
Hero_of_Lime: "They do what many developers don't admit: Expand the gaming knowledge."

So what have I learned today? That I should be more open to the idea of digital retro games.

This age of everything becoming digital and physical media dying is comming fast, and we all should accept it.

So go out and download ZSnes or Project 64 if you like, just remember that It will never be like playing the real thing.

But what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below, I'd love to read them.


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