Why doesn't Nintendo Localize ALL the games from Japan to North America? Well I have the answer

Posted on August 7, 2012 - 4:00pm by Dark_Link_Killer


 I will post my original E-mail in this blog and will put Nintendo's response in the Blue Quote. 

My Letter

Dear Nintendo:

I know you probably get lots of E-mails about this, but, why don't you localize a lot of the Japanese game(s) that they get over at Japan? Those games can easily get all of Nintendo to gain a huge profit on their games. I feel as if the reason people don't like the Wii (and Nintendo in general) was because you don't have many good games, but you did.......In Japan. (please don't take this part the wrong way) I feel like you don't want get the money from the fans by keeping all the games you have by only keeping them in Japan.

You will get lots of money if you decided to release the mother series/Fire Emblem series here, along with a lot of other games such as fatal frame 4, disaster day of crisis, etc. If you did decide to release those games before the Wii ended or as a port for the Wii U, I am almost 100% sure that you will be getting more money than ever before. So why are you not localizing these games? People in North America and Europe need petition to get these games and rarely do they work, it didn't work with the current one (Operation rainfall), now wait, we are getting 2 of the 3 games, but we were told the petition didn't help in localizing the game(s) (from what I heard). So please localize these games, I want Nintendo to stay around years and years when I die (currently 15) but I don't see that happening if you only limit the great RPG's and other genre's as Nintendo exclusive's for Japan only. You must have a reason for keeping them to Japan only, I really want to know why. You won't be able to keep the company for North America and Europe going by only giving us Zelda,Mario,Metroid,and other Nintendo IP's you give everyone

I'm sorry if I offended you, I do think this came off as a little aggressive, but it's the only nice way I can put it. I do mean all that I wrote. I am concerned for the future of the company, I really do want it to live on for decades to come.

Nintendo's Response

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments about the localization of Japanese games. At this time, we haven't announced any plans to release the games you've mentioned here in the Americas; however, I'm happy to forward your comments so your feedback will be heard. It's important to understand that there are many reasons that Nintendo or any other publisher may decide to release a game in one market, but not another. These can include difficulty or cost of localization, the size and financial strength of the publisher, the size of the distribution network, and (most often) the idea that the game will simply not be accepted or enjoyed in another market.

I understand that there are (like you) real fans of these games and franchises in this market who would love nothing more than to see these titles on store shelves in the Americas. In fact, there are many of us here who share your interest in these titles. However, the number of interested fans may constitute too small a portion of the gaming public to justify the costs associated with bringing a game here. On the other hand, there have been times when decisions were made to bring certain titles to the Americas after having been released exclusively in another market.

While I can't guarantee that these games will be released here in the Americas, we do take all feedback into consideration. Your comments help us to understand what is important to our gamers. As news comes available regarding future products, we post any announcements to our website (www.nintendo.com). Keep an eye on our site for all the latest information. "

And now my response

  • First paragraph: It's good to hear my feedback will be heard, nothing much to say about that paragraph
  • Second Paragraph: I don't think cost can be an issue, if Nintendo releases some of their games to Europe, they don't have to get other Voice actors, just ship it to North America. Sure you may not get a hug profit on the games, but they are there for us to pick up and give a try. It's better than not even having the game in stores in general.
  • Third Paragraph: If some NINTENDO employee’s want them, why the hell don't you ship them over? Maybe it's only one or two but it's the employees nonetheless. It doesn't have to be in all video game stores, just one like EB games/GameStop. Nintendo employees and fans will both be happy with that. But all in all, it's almost the same as paragraph 2.
  • Final: It's good to hear again that feedback from the fans are important, it's why so many people like _____company, because they like to hear what the fans want
  • Conclusion: If you guys are like me, you should email NOA (or NOE if you live outside North America) to let them know you want these games as well. If I could I would make an ad campaign, but I can't, as I only know a hand full of people who do want these games (And I don't know how to run a campaign).

I am sure there are so of you who want these games, so if you are one of them, let me know in the comments. As well let me know your thoughts on Nintendo’s response and my email. Or if you are just going to say I suck, well that would mean you’re a mean person, and no one like's people who are mean.

Thanks for reading and until next time

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