Why Mewtwo is the best Pokemon ever

Posted on August 26, 2012 - 7:53pm by THEBERALE02

I was a kid during the first generation of Pokemon,so its naturall that i have fond memories torwards Mewtwo. Many Pokemon have been created since, but there is something about Mewtwo that makes him still cool today.


Mewtwo has a base stat total of 680 which was the highest until Gen IV. He  has high Speed and Special Attack,and can learn many strong moves like Psychic or Earthquake making him usefull in battle as a sweeper.

He is extremely cool in the Anime

Mewtwo was desighned to be better than Mew in every way. Giovanni, a crime syndicate and politicall figure created Mewtwo. Mewtwo's power was so strong it had to be supressed by a machine. Mewtwo betrayed Giovanni and created his own island and tower.

He then set up a Pokemon tournament during which he created a hurricane to keep  the unworthy from reaching him. He not only is a very powerfull Pokemon skilled in  hypnosis,controlling wheather, and intellegence ( he invented a machine that copied Pokemon) but is also a master Pokemon trainer.

Just let that settle in. Mewtwo can create storms .hypnotize people, and invent machines. That is so freakin awesome. The only thing he can't do is Fly,but he dosent need to because he can summon his Pidgeot (or any other bird, maybe a powerfull Rayquaza i dont know) to fly him places.

He is very smart

 How much intellegence do you think it takes to invent a machine that clones Pokemon,alot wouldn't you think.

Also, he can talk and actually use Pokemon in battle like he's a trainer.

He's like a Final Boss

In all honesty, Mewtwo is sort-of the true final boss of Pokemn Red/Blue. First,you have to beat the Elite Four,your rival, and all 8 gym leaders. Then you gain access into Cerulean Cave,where Mewtwo lives.

The battle with Mewtwo is very diffucult as he is at level 70 and at the time had no weaknesses to any types but bug (who were paired often with Poisoin making Mewtwo have no weanesses).He also was very hard to catch unless you didn't waste your master ball on Moltres like i did

Overall, Mewtwo is a fitting and Climatic final boss to Red/Blue

All in all, Mewtwo is a classic Pokemon and one of the greatest of the legendaries. I am in no way hating on any other Pokemon, as they all have strenghts and weaknessees. Tell me in the comments what your favorite Pokemon is.

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