Why the Poke Ball( and the Pokemon inside) are the best video game weapons

Posted on August 17, 2012 - 8:48pm by THEBERALE02

The Pokeball is one of the most famous things from the Pokemon franchise yet people don't realize its full potential as a deadly killing machine.

With the Pokeball Ash travelled throughout the region of Knato Japan making powerfull wild creatures his slave.The Pokeball when thrown captures wild Pokemon into the ball. The Pokemon once inside the ball are forced to fight for their trainer.

The Pokemon fight for their trainer and are eventually mutated into more powerfull creatures by the Pokeball. They still fight for their trainer. Brainwashed and confused, their is nothing for the Pokemon to do but fight each other

The Pokemon inside the ball can use very powefull attacks such as a Magnitude 10 Earthquake, a tidal wave,a Tornado,and even Plasma blasts. These attacks would destroy tanks, artillery and even Metal Gears. Pokemon are also very resistant to damage as in Pokemon battles, it takes many attacks for one to Faint.Even when Fainted, Pokemon can be revived with adaquete Medical care.

The Pokeball could also sedate enemy men and armies making it a brain washing tool. In real life, this weapon could be more powerfull than a Nuclear or Atomic bomb.

Other weapons such as the Portal gun, the Nuke and Yoshi are no match for the Pokeball. The Pokemon that come out of the balls are very powerfull and could probably deal massive damage and be resistant to man-made weapons.

The major selling point however is the portability and inexpensiveness of the Pokeball. The Pokeball is about the size of the baseball, meaning every soilder in your army could carry 3 or 4 at a time. Also, they are only 200 dollars, in contrast a tank at mininum will cost you about 250,000 dollars.

Overall, the Pokeball can brainwash powerfull creatures and make them do your bidding, making it the most powerfull video game weapon

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