Why should you support the 48 HOUR SGC MARATHON - Part 1

Posted on August 23, 2012 - 10:00am by HybridRain

Many g1's weren't able to enjoy the SGC experience due to not having the resources to fly to Dallas or were not old enough to go alone. They could only experience SGC from photos, g1's blogs at that time and way later... Videos.

Yes, videos from all the g1's that attended SGC 2009 flowed the site before, during and after the convention, but the whole experience of this convention was meeting the community, meeting the g1's, and the ScrewAttack Staff. And you know they worked their butts off for 72 hours.

In this part of my blog I want to bring back my documentary of SGC 2009. If you ever wondered how was the convention 3 years ago, well this is the best place to start! I would like to share other videos from the community, but most of the highlights have either been removed or the g1's have deleted their YouTube accounts. So material of this convention is getting scarce, but I'm sure you can find them if you look hard.

SGC was an amazing experience for me. I traveled from Colombia, enjoyed the party with the community, danced like crazy at the rave and conquered fun. Yes, I conquered fun! oh and the g1's too hehehehehehe. 

So if you got the time and want to rememeber those awesome 72 hours of fun, check out the videos and if you never experienced SGC and still don't know what it is... This is your chance to catch up. This video shows a lot the background work the ScrewAttack Staff did during the convention, so if you thin k they just clap and made everything appear... ooooohhhh you are sooo wrong...

Sooooooooooo HEY! I'm Hybrid Rain, for ScrewAttack this is The Documentary of SGC 2009.

The Document of SGC 2009 Files # 1: Staff Preparation


This might be the longest video from all and might be a bit boring, but it was the whole preparation for all the staff members and volunteers. Safety first people.

The Document of SGC 2009 Files # 2: inside Hard News


I think they have evolved making Hard News now but if you ever wondered how the hell they prepare everything for shooting the show, here it is. Oh Destin, you are soooo funny.

The Document of SGC 2009 File # 3: SGC Grounds


This is how the Rooms were organized for SGC 2009.

The Document of SGC 2009 File #4: Market Setup


While setting up the market for the convention we discovered that Jared... forgot tha labels for the label printer. lol! Basically you can see all the merch that was put into the convention on that time, at the end of the con, there was almost nothing to be packed, you guys surely liked what you found there huh?

The Document of SGC 2009 File #5: Main Stage Setup


Ben was in charge of the Main Room where Jack Thompson debated, we had the Cosplay contest, and all the incredible panels and gaming competitions, it was fun... heh... Ben the Bodyguard.

The Document of SGC 2009 File #6: Behind the show's curtains


Finally in the last hours before SGC opening we see the madness outside and inside SGC grounds. Madness... and Angel... WOOOOOOOOOO00000000oooooooo...

The Document of SGC File #7: Mission Start



The Document of SGC File #8: Mark The Intern


A small interview with Mark the Intern.

The Document of SGC File #9: SGC July 3rd


Sonic with a gun? g1's playing the Piano? Party in the middle of the lobby? Yes. SGC people... SGC...

The Document of SGC #10: Fun with ScrewAttack


While the g1's party at the con... What are the Staff working on?

The Document of SGC 2009 #11: Stuttering Craig


Craig's panel at SGC 2009.

The Document of SGC 2009 #12: Craig's Q&A and Keith Apicary


A Q&A where Keith is involved... Wow...

Unfortunately I started posting the videos on ScrewAttack V4.0 and some got deleted, but I have found some of them in my hard drive so if you are interested on watching the rest of this videos.

Do you want to see them??? Because we have:

  • The Rave
  • AVGN Panel
  • Panels from various members
  • g1's shenanigans

So anyway hope you enjoyed this part one. Tomorrow I'll continue, either SGC 2010 or what's left from SGC 2009.

Take Care! and Supprot SGC3! WOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000oooooo...

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