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Why Ubisoft is the best third-party for Wii U

6/5/12 12:40pm

Note: This is just a quick overview of the games about which we've already gotten details regarding their unique Wii U functionality. This list will be updated once we acquire new information.

Just Dance 4 for the Wii U will allow the player wielding the Wii U GamePad to choose the dance moves the others players will have to perform. Yes, this might be the first dance game where you'll be having more fun than Jared.

The only survival kit you'll need to survive Zombi U is your Wii U GamePad. Using the touchscreen, you'll be scanning the area for enemies, hack doors, manage your inventory and score headshots with a sniper rifle. If the underlying gameplay is solid, this could be one sweet zombie apocalypse.

Rayman Legends will allow one player to take control of Murphy and help out the other players by flying around the level and manipulating the environment.

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