Wii U game pre-orders up in the UK after Gamescom, Wii U consoles sales up in Japan after Hyrule Warriors launch

Posted on August 21, 2014 - 9:46pm by Ryan Conway

So, the Wii U isn't exactly having the best of weeks now is it? With two (or perhaps three) major franchises being pulled from the console's third-party line-up, The Big N's HD machine is in need of some cheering up. Luckily, I've got some good news that should do just that.

First up is some nifty Ninty news coming straight out of the UK. 

According to Amazon's UK branch, the combined total of pre-orders of Wii U games has shot upwards by 8.67 percent following the events of Europe's biggest gaming trade show Gamescom, which went down last week.

The Wii U game to see the largest increase in interest was the highly anticipated Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda mash-up Hyrule Warriors, which was given a pre-order boost of 11.77 percent. 

While Hyrule Warriors was the only Wii U title to grace the Top 10 post-Gamescom pre-order increases, games such as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Bayonetta 2, Yoshi Wolly World, Splatoon, and of course Super Smash Bros. for Wii U also saw a nice boom in pre-release interest.  

Nintendo didn't have a big press conference or even too many fancy new trailers but I guess word of mouth from people who had fun playing the games in the Gamescom showroom does a just as a good job or better of spreading word of mouth. ;)

Next up is some breaking news from Japan, as Hyrule Warriors continued to work its magic.

The game sold a total of 69,090 copies since its launch in Nintendo's home country last week, making it that week's second highest selling game. But that isn't the big news. The Zelda spin-off title also managed to give Japanese Wii U sales an upward Hookshot of an added total 18,161 units sold, which is up from 13,598 the week before, and the 10,000 units that were sold throughout June.  

To give this a bit of extra perspective, Hyrule Warriors had a much bigger debut in Japan than the system selling HD remake of Wind Waker, which only sold 30,000 copies and moved 5,909 Wii U's within that same timeframe.

Now does this news cinch the projected 3.6 million Wii U sales by the end of the 2015 fiscal year? Not exactly, but given the current state of console gaming in Japan, it was a nice win for Nintendo. Not to mention it does provide a decent indicator that the game will be quite popular among fans of the core Zelda series and move systems (maybe even more so than expected) in other regions. 

So it should still be a good Heavy Boot step in reaching the Wii U sales goal Mr. Iwata established earlier this year. 

Hyrule Warriors will launch in North America on September 26 and a week earlier in Europe on September 19.

Sources: MCV and Destructoid

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