Wii U Pro Controller...still has digital triggers

Posted on June 6, 2012 - 11:47am by JETZ.acx


 UPDATE: NOPE. (Source: IGN)

Last Sunday, Nintendo did a pre-E3 conference about the Wii U and all its cool, neat features like the Miiverse and video-chat on-demand, but they did a passing mention of the Wii U Pro Controller, which was strictly designed with the core gamers in mind. Well, after Nintendo World Report got its hands on it...we can safely assume what I thought all along: it has no analog triggers whatsoever.

For those who still do not understand what is the difference between digital and analog input, a digital input can only read two commands at a time - on and off, or as our programming language dictates, true or false. Usually, this is left for the face buttons, the d-pad, and two shoulder buttons (in the case of the Xbox 360 controller, the LB/RB buttons; in the PS3, the L1/R1). Analog input is when said input can actually gauge the amount of distance between one end and another, usually from a neutral point to an established limit. In other words, it can read how much pressure a user inputs into a button or, more commonly, an analog stick. Think it like a gas pedal: the more you press it, the more gas you push into an engine, causing the car to go faster.

So why the big deal about not having actual, analog triggers on a Wii U controller?  We did observe from the Pre-E3 video that the new Wii U Game Pad won't have said triggers in favor of digital ones, so it's only logical to assume that the Wii U Pro Controller won't have them either. But with the Xbox 360 and PS3's controllers having said triggers already - and seeing that Nintendo did have analog triggers on the Nintendo GameCube - will this really be a huge deal for anyone who wants to either develop or play on the flashy new console? Leave your comments below.

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