Will Pikmin 3 be at E3 2012?

Posted on March 20, 2012 - 9:00am by Canadian Brony


 Sorry I don't have any offiacial answers yet. But what do you expect from a game as shady as this one?

Editor's Note: This game has been hinted at for years and who knows if it will actually be shown. Now that the Square Enix has released Army Corps of Hell for the Vita, writer Motoi Okamoto (who previously wrote Pikmin) doesn't seem to be heading back to Nintendo. According to this quote, he is still working on Vita titles. "In the next Vita title, I’m interested in working on something that uses multi-touch and the back panel touch screen... Also, I’m interested in creating a structure in which hundreds and thousands of players can come together to play. My impression is that the Vita is a great platform to create a game with that kind of design". So I have a question that I would like to add to Canadian Brony's, does it matter if there is a new writer for Pikmin 3? Or is having Miyamoto helming the project enough to make it great again?

So as we all know, Pikmin 3 was originally going to be on the Wii, but was recently moved to the Wii U. That's all we really know about the game at this point, but that might change very soon. Apparently, the game is supposedly expected to be shown at E3 2012.

As far as I've looked, Miyamoto hasn't officially confirmed that the game will be shown and the game's writer is currently busy with a Playstation game, which some people are afraid will slow down Pikmin 3's production. But the game still might be shown this year. I personally hope it is. So what do you think g1s? Is the game everyone's been asking about finally going to have some revealing? Or will it just be pushed ahead another year?

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