Win A Copy Of Awesomenauts,TF2 Items And Get Your Art Featured In My Blogs! Contest From frankhaggr972.

Posted on December 20, 2012 - 1:32pm by FrankHaggar


Hello everyone frankhaggar972 here with a contest for all you g1s! It´s Cristmas-Holiday supea fun time!


LoopTroop Rockers-Professional Dreamers

So here are the details.

What you need to do


I would really like to have some cool sigs or banners to use and while I am decent at making those I would really want some from other g1s. So make a Sig, Banner, Artwork or just art in some kind that relates to me. It could be something based of my persona, games I like whatever be creative!. This also applies to my comic series The g1 Freelancers. My plan however is so that whatever idea someone wants in it WILL BE NOTICED but see the prizes as a bonus then. Link here to the first episode of my comic series.




Here are a few things to help you out. You can for example use my g1 Freelancers avatar. I`m the Yoshi.


I love games such as Team Fortress 2 were my  favourite classes are Pyro, Heavy and Demoman. I´m a big Mario fan and play a ton of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Make the artwork special and fitting to my persona. I like The Wu-Tang Clan, LoopTroop Rockers, Rolling Stones, FantomenK and ofcource 2pac and Biggie. I like Transformers, Ducktales and Simpsons. My most loved movie is Kellys Heroes. Maybe read my blogs and such for ideas?



You must have Steam to get the prizes however you can still enter for glory! No nudity( Sorry Stickman ) It´s because the art will be in blogs on Screwattack and belive it or not Screwattack does not allow that. You can submit up to 5 entrys since I think that should be enough for me to keep track of. Send them either in the comment of THIS BLOG or pm me on Screwattack. You can also send me a link on my twitter or Facebook page! When sending entrys please include a imgur link or another picture sharing website. Links were you can follow me:


The deadline is

January 6th!




The winner will be chosen by me and me only and will get a copy of Awesomenauts, some items in Team Fortress 2 and his or her artwork will be used in my blog series and or comic series. Awesomenauts is a fun MOBA platformer that has a great vibe to it and while I suck at it is still very fun. Froggy G is da shit.

Second and third place will get some Team Fortress 2 items and get their artwork featured in my stuff. It´s a popular free game that I got some extra items on that I wanted to give away. If you don`t play that game then thats a problem....

Everybody else who enters the contest art will STILL be featured in a compilation blog  and maybe used in my blogs etc! Because sharing is caring.


Hope you enter and keep rocking.

Haggaring Ouy

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