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Wolverine confirmed for Deadpool's game

6/3/13 6:00pm

If you love Deadpool's interaction with other characters in the Marvel universe, then the Deadpool game has just what you're asking for.  Marvel's most famous X-man has been confirmed for the merc's new game, much to glory hog Deadpool's chagrin.

“Sigh...some top brass are telling me I'm contractually obligated to say ONE nice thing about Wolverine before I go, so here goes...
Dear Wolverine: I guess, when put aside the grand history of human conflict and suffering, the lame tank tops you insist on wearing sometimes aren't THAT bad, bub.
Looking forward to working with you,

These are the only details that have been given, so for all we know Wolverine is only in the game for a few seconds, like Yoda in The Force Unleashed 2.  There's more potential for wacky Deadpool hijinks here, even if you only work with Wolverine for a couple of missions, so let's just hope High Moon follows through on that.

*Courtesy of a press release

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