Woodyman Answers Your Questions

Posted on August 21, 2012 - 6:05pm by Woodyman


 Woodyman answers your questions!

I'm doing this one more time so if you have any more questions, comment below

Hey g1s,

Remember about a week ago when I said I’d answer any of your questions.


Well I got a bunch of questions, and now it’s time for the answers.


So here is a bit of music to listen to while you read.



Reel Big Fish – Everyone Else Is An Asshole


My Chemical Romance – Teenagers


Alright, here are the questions in the order I received them… enjoy.


   Joeshadowman asked:

Q:What makes your wood mightier then the sword?

A: My wood is petrified.


   Foxdark22 asked:

Q: Ketchup or catsup?

A: Ketchup… because catsup looks like cat-soup and that’s gross.


   WestCoastGamer92 asked:

Q: How often do you play games on PC?

A: Very rarely. When I play games on my PC it’s either MineCraft or a flash game. My computer can’t handle a lot of PC games although I do own Beyond Good and Evil, HEDZ, Monkey Island, and Psychonauts on the PC and I want to play all of them soon.


   Pat speed asked:

Q: what is your name?

A: I’m not telling my name.


Q: what is your quest?

A: My quest is to have fun and support the g1 community as much as I can, that’s really it. Although I’d like to get paid to do this eventually?


Q: what is the speed velocity of a swallow?

A: Do you mean African or European?


Q: How did you begin making blogs?

A: I began making blogs because I saw a lot of blogs on v4 but not many written by people like me. People without an extensive knowledge of Japan, Anime, and other gamer things. Thus I dubbed myself “The Part-Time Gamer” and I began blogging. I started with reviews, but found my niche with stupid lists.


Q: Is it okay that i make a blood sacrifice in your name?

A: Yes


Q: Do you think the g1 community is stuck or moving forward?

A: I believe the g1 community is moving forward. For every blog or video that we get that might show signs of stasis, we get a new g1, show, blog, or video that brings something new to the site. It’s amazing the variety of content we have on this site.


Q: What movie do you dislike that everybody else likes? and vis versa. i need reasons

A: One movie I really dislike even though everyone else seemed to enjoy it was Avatar. I felt that without the 3D and visuals it was just basically a live action version of Ferngully and didn’t deserve all the hype it got.

One movie I enjoy that most people disliked is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It could be because I didn’t really grow up with these movies, in fact I didn’t start watching them until recently, but I thought this movie was just as stupid and fun as the others. Sure it was unbelievable and a bit annoying at points, but so were the other movies. I’m pretty sure a lot of haters of Crystal Skull forget to remove their nostalgia goggles.


Q: Are you god?

A: If Ghostbusters taught me anything, it's to always say yes.


   BigJoe91 asked:

Q: Why don't you return my calls? You know a restraining order can't stop me, right?

A: You never call me! Don’t you put this on me!

A restraining order may not stop you, but I’m pretty sure I can. You’re only a cat after all.


   Jawbreaker Alumni asked:

Q: Have you prepared yourself for Wreck It Ralph?

A: In all honesty since the initial reveal trailer I haven’t seen anything for the movie. I’m sure it’ll be a fun movie, especially for gamers, but I’m not too excited. I’ll see it when I see it.


   Digmbot asked:

Q:Dear Woodyman, What element do you use to power your awesomness?

A: My awesomeness is powered by coffee, beer, and pizza… and some plutonium.


Q: Why do I have Birkenstock tan?

A: I don’t know what Birkenstock tan is so I’m going to say because you ate caterpillars when you were a child.


Q: Is Elmo the devil in disguise?

A: Elmo is a puppet. You wanna learn about devils’ in disguise, then watch the Teletubbies.


Q: What is your favorite platformer and why? Thanks, Five year old Digmbot.

A: My favorite platformer might be Ristar. I started with a NES but I didn’t really game and develop motor skills until I got my Genesis (which I got towards the end of the Genesis life-cycle) One of the first games I owned was Ristar. I played Sonic before Ristar, but the speed always distracted me and often killed me. Ristar had all the charm of Sonic, but without the speed but with an awesome gimmick similar to Bionic Commando (another one of my favorite games)…I still play Ristar at least once every few months.


   Megasilverx1 asked:

Q: Are you going to be doing anymore WTF is that?

A: I got annoyed by the lack of interest so ever since then I’ve been blurring images and in a few weeks I’m gonna post all of them in one blog and whichever g1 gets the most points (points from before will count) will win the prize.


   Caboose_-1 asked:

Q: If you and Stickman were roommates, how long do you think you would last before you two killed each other?

A: While I know Stickman and I see eye to eye on many issues, I’m sure one of us would go insane eventually. If we were roommates we’d probably last a month, just so one of us wouldn’t have to pay the utilities bill by ourselves, but after that one of us would be dead by the other’s hand.


Q: What is the most underapreciated game you know/own?

A: Probably some of the most underappreciated games I own, that I love but many people don’t talk about are HEDZ, In The Hunt, and Legend of Dragoon. (I plan on reviewing some of these eventually.)


Q: What if your opinion on the direction of the video game medium as a whole? Is Nintendo starting to lose their touch? Is motion gaming really the way of the future?

A: Wow, this is a loaded question. My opinion on gaming as a whole is that I’d like to see more big name developers take more risks. While we have a lot of creative and original Indie games, there are too many similarities in big budget titles. I’m tired of the same old same old from every company (not just Nintendo, even though they’ve been milking their franchises since the N64 era). Take risks!!! It may bankrupt some companies, but others will thrive and shake up the gaming landscape.


Q: Do you have any idea what the ETA is on the big collab blog you announced awhile ago?

A: World Largest g1 Collab was set to be published last Friday, but I went on an unexpected vacation, so I pushed it back to Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week.


Q: If you had to pick one, who is your favorite ScrewAttack Crew member?

A: If I had to pick one ScrewAttack staff member as my favorite I’d have to go with Ben. Then Bryan is #2 and Nick is #3. It’s nothing personal but I started really following ScrewAttack right before Ben, Stu, Jose, and Mickey did “Intern Interviews” with Unaware Steve. It seemed as though I started with ScrewAttack at the same time they did. Since Stu, Jose, and Mickey are no longer around that leaves Ben. He isn’t as “in front of the camera” as much as the others but his work on ScrewAttack is the best on the site. I loved Metal Gear Ben and DEATHBATTLE! Plus I remember when he was in front of the camera and occasionally on SideScrollers and it was entertaining as hell. Even though he did yell at me once because I referred to him as “Immortal and Eternally in High School Ben.”


Q: What are some of your interests outside of video games, blogging, and ScrewAttack?

A: Outside of video games, blogging, and ScrewAttack I’m a huge sports fan. I mainly watch football (Ahmurrican Footbawl) and hockey. I blew my knee out but I still play a lot of sports and so a lot of activities. I play hockey, golf, baseball, tennis, racquetball, and I waterski. I love swimming above anything else and swim laps or go jogging at least once a day. Besides that I’m really interested in literature. I’m a literacy tutor, I read 2-3 books a week, and I have numerous unfinished/finished fictional stories on my laptop.


Q: And finally, how exactly does being a robot made of wood work? Do you have a metallic endoskeleton surrounded by actual wood or is the "wood" itself actually some kind of advanced polymer?

A: And finally, a robot made of wood works exactly how it sounds. Instead of metal, everything on me is wood (that sounded wrong). I have some metallic wiring, but besides that it’s all wood. For more information, read The Ballad of Woodman 


   MisterBo asked:

Q: Wanna do another collab blog?

A: Sure, but just a warning, I am not very reliable. I have a busy real life, and I take a few days to respond to PMs sometime. But if you still wanna collab then send me a PM whenever you get a chance.


   Canadian Brony asked:

Q: Do you like bananas?

A: I don’t particularly like bananas but I do enjoy banana flavored treats. I like banana smoothies, banana ice-cream, and banana taffy, but I can’t stand the texture of bananas by themselves. Unless they are in a bowl of Rice Crispies.


   Darkhyrulelord asked:

Q: How come the wood on your body hasn't rotted away yet? Is it some metallic plant hybrid or...?

A: When Dr. Wily created me, he implanted roots in my feet that absorb all the nutrients I need from the ground. With that and my ability to use photosynthesis, I will never rot.


   Frankhaggar972 asked:

Q: Do you wanna be in my comic series featuring a bunch of g1's fighting The Stickman?(badguy) :)

A: Sure! Just send me a PM of what I have to do.


   Branch asked:

Q: How quickly can you beat your own stage?

A: It depends. If I have the metal blades I can beat my stage very quickly without taking a single hit. If I’m just stuck with the mega buster then I am a bit slower but can usually beat it relatively quickly. The birds dropping eggs, and the giant fire kitties always screw me up.


   Smoke108 asked:

Q: Who is your current g1 of the year nominee?

A: Damn, I was hoping no one would ask this. It’s still early to tell, but right now I think I might say Jetz.ACX since he seems to run and do so much for the community. There are many g1s close to him and this is in no way an official nomination. For me, the first step for g1 of the Year is to not want to win. Once you want to be g1 of the year, then you do EVERYTHING for the wrong reasons. You should help the community because you want to. You should write blogs because you HAVE TO write. Doing stuff for the sake of fame or a title is something I can’t stand. 2200, Gaijin Goomba, and Tom the Iron Man are others who are high up for me. But we must wait until the fall to be sure.

ANYTHING CAN CHANGE! and don't take it personally if I didnt mention you here. To go into my ideas of next years g1 of the year would take forever. I have many people I feel deserve the title.


   The Stickman asked:


A: Why not Zoidberg?


   Mr. West asked:

Q: What are the best and worst parts of hosting a game of Mafia?

A:The best part is knowing everyone’s role so you can see their strategies and deception in work.

The worst part is trying to stay fair, make up clues, deal with lurkers, deal with substitutions, and making sure dead people shut up.


   CatholicPat asked:

Q: If Pinocchio says "My nose will now grow" will it?

A: Pinocchio’s nose only grows if he tells a lie. The above statement isn’t a lie nor is it a fact. In fact, it’s a condition. Therefore nothing will happen when Pinocchio says it.


   Hero of Lime asked:

Q: What’s your favorite game?

A: That’s a tough question to answer just because I don’t think I have a favorite. My favorite game now, may be different in a day or even an hour. I think I might do a list eventually, but I just don’t know if I can.


    The Guardian asked:

Q: Do you believe the title "g1 of the Year" comes with any added responsibilities? Or is it just that, nothing more than a title?

A: Ugh… there’s a reason I chose to answer this question last, and that’s because it require the most thought and input.

While the title of g1 of the Year in my opinion is only a title, it doesn’t make me better than any other g1 it just means I got a lot of support from the community. Nevertheless, as g1 of the year I feel that every other g1 looks up to me and expects more of me than I can deliver. I’m just one man… one very busy man. So I can’t read every blog, watch every video, comment on each issue, welcome every new g1.

So while the title doesn’t come with any added responsibilities, it comes with the pressure that I’ll never live up to YOUR definition of “g1 of the Year” and I’ll never do enough. While I’m pretty sure this idea is false, I still feel the pressure to do everything I can for the g1s and community.


Well g1s, I hope this cleared up a bit about myself.

If you have a question, comment below and I'll answer in the comment section.


Happy Gaming!

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