Woodyman's Pokemon Quartz Nuzlocke - Ep. 7: Witchy Woman.

Posted on January 8, 2014 - 4:30pm by Woodyman


In this episode of Woodyman's Pokemon Quartz Nuzlocke, we burn our eyes and catch another a badass Fakemon.

In the last episode of Woodyman’s Pokemon Quartz Nuzlocke we caught a kitty and went through some useless exposition. To check it out click this link… Ep. 6.


Episode 7 – Witchy Woman


Last episode we saved a sailor and rescued a package for the company, Ba-Chan. Apparently our reward is another chore.



Awww… a little baby runs this corporation.



Once again, TRUSTING SOMEONE YOU JUST MET IS A DUMB IDEA… If the game let me, I’d steal it.



Gonna be a lot of pee on that island.



I won’t remember it…



How does he fit everything in that backpack.



Oh hey, it’s that crazy stalker lady again, I wonder what she wants.



Click Play 



After some backtracking I went back into DARKNESS FOREST to use CUT and find that so called WITCH.



Hi to you too… hihihihihihi



There are potions everywhere… I have like 50 super potions already.



I’ll probably forget, but someone remind me to go back here once I find the secret ingredient.



…saved me in that cave.



This is Ms. BRITEY and she’ll be our guide until we learn SURF and FLY.



Yeah, let’s go!






Oh god… not another phone in a Pokemon game. SHADDUP!



I think those are swear words…



Umm… Yo quiero taco bell?



Before I go to the gym, I wanna check out this cave and maybe catch another team member.



Also… the floor of the cave is BROKE.



OMG! A boxing kangaroo… I WANT IT!



He was caught…



It’s like Rocky in the Butcher Shop.



Yes, I do… I can tell that we are going to be friends.



Say hello to team member #4, SMOKE the KANGO. I never really liked Fighting Types but this one is pretty cool.



Oooohh…. It’s strong. Well let’s fight that gym… next time (FRIDAY)




What is ​Pok​emon Quartz?

Pokemon Quartz is a rom hack that uses Pokemon Ruby as its base. Many things have changed including the main characters, gym leaders, locations and especially the Pokemon. The Pokemon in Quartz are fan-made, so they were designed by the creator of the hack. This is my first time playing through, so that’s all I know.


What is Nuz​l​ocke?

The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of SELF IMPOSED rules intended to create a higher level of difficulty while playing the Pokémon games. The two main rules are, if a Pokemon faints it is dead and must be released AND I can only catch the first Pokemon seen in each area, if that Pokemon is killed or runs away then I can’t catch ANY pokemon in that area/route.


Some other rules that I stole from Jared are…

·         DUPLICATES CLAUSE - I may not catch a Pokemon that I already have or had.

·         No Trainer Healing items may be used during battle, such as Potions, Antidotes, etc. Held items, berries and restoration attacks are allowed.

·         Battle Style changed from "Switch" to "Set".

·         No trades at all. Other players, NPCs, Wondertrade, etc.


How can you pa​rticipate?

I will be playing Pokemon Quartz in my spare time, that can be any time and day. When I catch a Pokemon in the game I will tweet about it. First to respond to said tweet will have the Pokemon named after them.


You CANNOT call a Pokemon. You must be the first to respond on Twitter.



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