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Woodyman's Pokemon Sienna Nuzlocke: Let's Begin and End!

12/13/13 11:00am

This will be the first and last episode of Woodyman's Pokemon Sienna Nuzlocke. Find out why here.

Hey g1s,

So I was going to do a Pokemon Sienna Nuzlocke run and post it similar to my Emerald 386 Adventure however as I played through the game and started getting screenshots there were a few bugs and I didn’t realize it, but the game wasn’t complete. It froze a few times and was completely unplayable after the 7th gym.


I debated if I should do a whole Nuzlocke up until that point or not, but instead I just decided to move on but show you all my team and those who died along the way. Sorry about that but stay tuned to the end because we ain’t stopping yet.

First off, we need to name our main character... looks good.

I usually name him douche, but this time it's MIGUEL.

My first Pokemon is Marduk the Ponfant. It's a water type.

Marduk learned some ice moves but is still only a water type.

Eliphreeze is the final evolved form water/ice type and it is awesome. 

Walter Da Folain... cute but dead.

Ivan here has a butt face. He was a diamond in the rough. Hated his design, but that defense is so high, and helped so much.

His evolved form is much cooler. Also look at the DEFENSE!!!

I got an egg, I hope it hatches into something cool.

Stickman the Licky. Kinda dumb.

Okay, it evolved into a Lickitung... that's the end of it right?


I don't like Bellsprout, sorry Darkseid. I think a Bellsprout was cool in the Pokemon League in the cartoon though.

That is a blowjob face, also he died.

I learned from last time... get an ELECTRIC type. This is mine, he's pretty cool.

This is my least favorite form of any electric type... it's pink and fluffy.

WHOO!!! That's better, I hope he lives... (was killed by a Kingler).

Asainerotran is my Smeargle and my favorite Gen 2 Pokemon. Unfortunately he didn't last long either.

No name the Pteraerial... you can guess what it evolves into. He died before I got a chance to bring him to the renamer guy.

Clayvman the Stroente... I'm guessing this evolves into Corsola... but it died too.

One that DIDN'T die was Mrarkon the Gligar. One of the best again.

The final Pokemon was a Turtwig.

I caught him at like level 30 so UBERTRANCE here evolved quickly.

Wasn't Turtwig a starter? That means there are two turtle starters in Pokemon? Weird.

City of the last gym badge! Let's do this!

and... the game froze.

THE END!.................

However, it’s not the end of me doing a Pokemon Nuzlocke because this time I found another rom hack with fan created Pokemon (but they don’t look as cool as the Sienna fakemon) and this one is COMPLETE. So I will be doing a Nuzlocke of that.


When this blog goes live whoever guesses my favorite Pokemon Type first will pick my started and have it named after him or her. You can comment on the blog or tweet.

When I catch Pokemon I will Tweet about it. First to respond to said Tweet will have it named after them. That’s about it… oh! I also plan on uploading episodes of the Nuzlocke every Wednesday and Friday so either new episode tomorrow or next Wednesday… we will see. Until then…

Happy Gaming!

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