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Xbox version of FFXIII-2 gets exclusive DLC

12/21/11 1:40pm

Square-Enix has just announced via press release that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will receive exclusive DLC in time with the game's release in the US. But don't fret, PS3 owners: You neither have to buy an Xbox nor burn down Microsoft Headquarters for pulling another exclusivity deal, because the DLC in question consists of just one item.

The exclusive item  is a bow weapon for Serah called “Azrael,” named after an angel who represents spirits and death, as well as Gargamel's cat. When equipped, the player's Chain Bonus will upgrade and according to legend, it possesses  "the power to change the owner’s destiny," although it is not clear whether this plays into the game.

You can get the  item from Chocolina the merchant in Episode 2 for 80 MSPoints on Jan 31st, and only Serah will be able to use it.

While it's not much, will this influence your decision on which version to buy?

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