Yoshi babies in the office

Posted on July 13, 2012 - 3:42pm by Roocrow


 I like to cook and since I made eggs for Dia de Juevos, I thought I would make some yoshi eggs to support Chad in the race for Japan.

 Today is Friday and there is a battle brewing in the office. There will only be one winner by the end of the day and they are going to the far off place called Japan. I could not compete for a spot so I gave my support to other crew members. On Wednesday, two of my main outlets for support lost their spots in a brutal Sega Saturn game. 

I was at a loss for words. Team Swag and Team Pro were both out of the running and I had to pick someone else. I decided to hope onto Team Yoshi for some support. Being a crafty inter, I made some chocolate covered cake balls in the shape of Yoshi eggs

Don't they look awesome!? I do hope these won't go to waste.

They are booby trapped though. They leave colored spots on your hands when you eat them, not to mention your mouth as well.

Don't forget to tune it at 3cst to see the grand finale of the IronMan of Screwattack!

If you want to make your own Eggs!:

Follow this simple recipe:

1) Go to Walmart and get your favorite box cake 

2) Buy a bag of white chocolate chips, 3 white chocolate bars or some confectioners chocolate (I used a giradelle vanilla chocolate bar)

3) Buy your favorite frosting

4) There are coloring pens that you can buy to color the eggs

This is the fun part, if you don't like baking, then sorry.

5)Bake the cake according to the box. Then crumble into a bowl.

6) Mix the entire thing of frosting in the bowl of cake crumbles until it is all mixed. Roll into 1in balls and drop onto wax paper

7) THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Build a double boiler (Which is a container full of boiling water and a bowl on top  to heat the chocolate without burning it. If you put chocolate in a pan and cook it, you may burn it, making the chocolate bitter) Melt the chocolate.

8) Grab a fork and spook. Put the ball on the fork and then drizzel chocolate over the top until coated. Drop back on wax paper. Repeat.

9) Throw these suckers in the freezer until they get hard and then color to your hearts delight!

10) enjoy!

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