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YouTube's updated Content ID system has crippled content creators' ability to monetize their work

12/12/13 2:10pm
Editor’s Note: In the interest of fairness, we’d be remised if we didn’t report that several game developers including indies such as Brian Provinciano (Retro City Rampage), and Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing), as well as Triple A publishers such as Capcom, Blizzard, Deep Silver, and Ubisoft have lent their support to the gaming personalities when it comes to Fair Use.   
Hopefully the executives at Google take this feedback to heart and tweak the system so it’s fair for everyone. 

Everyone knows of YouTube's annoying Content ID system right? You know, the system that checks for Copyrighted Material on a users channel, flags a video automatically and gives the uploader a copyright claim? Well, it's become worse. How worse you may ask? How about it's gone fully automatic to a point even a game company's YouTube Channel sends out automatic copyright claims without its knowledge...yeah that BAD!

Needless to say this has caught many YouTubers off guard as of late and if you remember the copyright claim joke in The Completionist's Super Mario 3D World review, this new system is kinda like that. Some of YouTube's personalities have noticed this change in the Content ID system and the waves of copyright claims could cripple not just their channels but every YouTuber and as I've stated, even game companies such as Capcom have no idea why copyright claims are being sent from them. Basically YouTube has pretty much screwed up everything relating to their Content ID System.

I'm trying not to go swear heavy in this blog because I'm pretty pissed off at what YouTube is doing, because we've all seen how YouTube treats their users in the past when it comes to Content ID flags. Check out the Source link for more information g1s and share your thoughts on this messed up situation.

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