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Posted on January 30, 2013 - 5:02pm by Hariet89


Here in Norway it gets very cold, and while relaxing on the sofa after my week admitted to the hospital I saw people crafting game related things by using yarn and so on. Seeing this I decided to learn crochet. After seeing that Yoshi yarn game revealed I decided "why not share my crafting results with you?" So here I will share my crafting inspired by The Legend of the Zelda.

Link hat :

First thing I made was a link hat. Now I know it is supposed to be green, but I did my own twist on it to make it better fitted for me so that I can use it everyday if I want to =) I'm pretty happy with the result and yes, I do wear it as often as I can when im out in the cold weather. 

Here is the Link hat I made ^_^

Tri Force pulswarmers:

After I was done with the hat I had some leftover yarn, and from there I decided to make some pulswarmers to keep my wrists and hands warm, plus they match the hat. Yeah, they are not identical but again first time making pulswarmers.

  And here they are.

The scarf with Navi :

So after the pulswarmers were done (and since I had to buy another ball of yarn to complete them) I had almost the whole ball of yarn left. So then I decided that I would make a short scarf with the last yarn just to get a complete set.

And here is the scarf. ( Hey! Listen!)


So that's how I've been using my spare time, besides playing on my Wii U, of course. I know I will do some more crafting later so maybe I will share more of my creations. =)

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