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Zelda: The Musical should not be missed...

4/30/12 6:00pm

I am not sure if you guys have already seen this video, anyways, I decided to share it with you because I love it so much and I am quite sure you are going to like it – I must refer I am not such a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series. This video was published on April 14 this year by the YouTube’s user Mitchell Moffit , so it is a fresh stuff and it has already over 300k views. You guys must see it!!! 

Written and composed by: Mitchell Moffit
Inspired by the music of Koji Kondo

Animations by:
Chris McGregor & Mitchell Moffit

Original sprite design by Oldskoolmario, GoldStud and Kayari-of-Midnight

Additional Graphic Design by Ethan Wane


Life is simple, life is sweet
In my little corner of the forest, Kokiri!
Got no fairy, but I don't care
The only thing that's bothersome are my nightmares of
*Gasp* Grass!

Link, thou must take Navi
To begin, ye tale, ye story
Thou will meet thy Princess Destiny

Just hearing her name and I'd say "Hell Ya!"
I'll save Hyrule and leave my life behind
I'm only 10 and can't control my sex drive
Somewhere she is waiting for me
And I know she'll have my babies

I will take Hyrule with ease
To get your Zelda come fight me
*Uh...how do you feel about energy ball tennis?*

*Ye...yeah that's fine...*

*Good, that's kind of my thing*

I will destroy you, and save all these lands

Not while the Triforce of Power is on my hand!
It's over Link, you're just a boy
Prepare to d...

Shoot an arrow throw a bomb
Oh my god, something's wrong
Out of hearts, out of fairies, I'm going to d...

I love you, you know what to do
Travel through time, where I will wait for you
With bigger boobs, and new shoes
I'll do what you wanna...

I love Link too, I will wait for you
What a dumb blonde, red hair's more fun
You can ride on Epona

*Uh...do you wanna finish...later?*

*Too late!*
Travel through space and time
Screw the timeline

I'll just wait, if you don't mind
In my tower you can find me

*I'll come find you*

Oh, yes this is Hyrule
And link will stand on guard for thee
He will defend our assess till the end
Through Courage, Wisdom and Power

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