Top List: Sexiest/Awesome Suits in Gaming History - Part 1

Posted on September 10, 2011 - 11:25am by HybridRain

Hi i'm Hybrid Rain Welcome to my blog and today i will share with you a blog that may or may interest you but i hope you can share your opinion with everyone else her ein the community so let's start this.
Oh the sexy girls and handsome guys of the video games, which one is the most sexy and awesome? Now this can be debatable, for many it would include only Hot Sexy Video Game Girls with a nude patch or the commonly Less clothing = more Protection but in my list i will take it differently.
First let's see the definition of "Outfit":
  • A set of tools or equipment for a specialized purpose: a welder's outfit.
  • A set of clothing, often with accessories.
  • Informal: An association of persons, especially a military unit or a business organization.
  • The act of equipping.
But since we are looking for the sexiest outfits in video game history we have to add the sex appeal factor too (including for men), so how my list will work?
1. The "outfit" has to be use for battle, get into action, enhance the character abilities. In other words NO:
I appreciate the fan service but not for this list... much...
But if the character is from a Fighter game it CAN be an exception. (except for Kasumi over there for now...) and if theres a sleight difference between traditional or normal suits it can be accepted too...
2.Only one Suit and one character per franchise, that includes all versions or suits.
3. Only original in-game suits. Games like Street Fighter 4 have the possibility to actually mod the skins from the characters and get original suits into the game, it's an awesome idea but for this list i will only include original in-game outfits.
4. Well it's my list list so yours might be different but i'll keep it like that.
5. The number doesn't matter, thats why is just a Top list, you choose which one is #1 both Male and Female.
6. Enjoy both male and female sexiness.
Number 1: KOS-MOS (Xenosaga III) and Sam Gideon (ARS - Vanquish)
  • KOS-MOS: Gotta be honest i tried to play Xenosaga but i just wasn't into it maybe to much Final Fantasy so i don't know about Kosmos much but if it's just for the looks i think her suit is awesome, ready for battle in space. Just in case i'll leave a small description from Wikipedia:
    "KOS-MOS has significant powers believed to be superior to all other party members. In addition to superhuman strength and speed, her body is formed from some sort of highly advanced nanomachines that allows her to morph parts of her body (specifically her arms) into various energy projectile and melee weapons. Her body is also able to self-repair and is very durable though not indestructible, and she is also protected by a force-shield. She also possesses the ability to summon weapons such as the F-GSHOT chainguns and her famous F-SCYTHE and equipment from another location via U.M.N. transport. She also has a long-range sensory array, the D.S.S.S. system and CPU that exceeds even those possessed by Observational Realians."
    Just by reading this i see she is a one girl army, come on Nanomachines+Awesome Suit+possibility to create a LoLazer= WIN and sexy.
  • Sam Gideon (ARS): Dude seriously? that awesome suit has to be added to the armory. The ARS (Augmented Reaction Suit) can transform a wimp into a Hulk, no green included. Including the ability to enhance the characters abilities, reactions, reflexes you have jet busters attached to both legs and arms, you can Drift all over the place and do some serious damage with this, just awesome. The design of the suit is also just awesome, just by watching it it looks simple but at the same time bad-ass, it just wanna make you take a missile with no hesitation because you can rely on it.
Number 2: Big Boss (MGS: Peace Walker) and Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission)
  • Big Boss: Snake has been one of my favorite characters from most of my favorite video games, Hideo Kojima for me is GOD. Anyway back to this i was debating what to choose if the Sneaking Suit from MGS4 or The Suit from MGS:PW... Well i'll have to go with MGS:PW, why? well hell the damn thing is the most helpful suit in combat. Wanna sneak behind enemy lines? BOOM! become a chameleon and no one will notice you on the wall, and after a few seconds you can go Predator on them. HEHEHE good old times... and besides from most of the suits in the series this one is the one which has Bad-ass written all over it's equipment. No pun intended..
  • Zero Suit Samus: Now it's going to be complicated (yeah right...) because lets be honest, Samus hasn't been out of the suit too long and besides how many suits you think she has??? Many will dispute which one is the best or favorite suit but i'll have to go with the Light Suit. But is not that sexy and we are looking for the sexiest one in her library so you must know were i'm going. Yup, the Zero Suit enters this list, now yeah i gotta say this can be considered a fanservice suit but if we leave that aside, the suit has it's purpose and it's actually use for survival. On Metroid: Zero Mission Samus is shut down and with no power suit to equip, she has to rely on her Zero suit to survive until she finds a new one to equip. For keeping our favorite bounty hunter safe and always making her look good we add this outfit to the list.
Number 3: Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost Suit - Star Craft) and Master Chief (Mark VI Armor - Halo 2)
  • Kerrigan: Maybe one of the most overlooked character/villain of the gaming world even for me until i pick up Star Craft I and played the whole campaign so i could play SCII. Adding this one to the list not only because it really shapes the body of her and it really looks sexy and deadly, the Suit for the Ghosts is actually an effective armor against a legion of tanks, if there is no Science Vessel near by. The ability to become invisible and enhance the power of the Ghost can make the difference in the battle field and let's not mention that the Ghosts are the ones in charge of point where to launch a Nuclear Missile to your enemies. Let's see Sexy Nuclear Gear+Beautiful girl=ADDED.
  • Master Chief: Aw Man, this one is another bad-ass one. Now call me Fan boy or anything but this suit or armor is actually a beast, don't believe me? well try to survive a hazardous environment, crashing into a space ship at full speed and not to mention Halo 3's Face impact to the earth Master Chief had to enduring between games, now that kick ass my friends and besides the damn thing has it's own powered shield so you can protect your selves from enemy fire, limited but add Halo's Reach Med Packs and it can turn into a Machine of Destruction. Oh and it has it's own A.I what a twist!
Number #: Dante (Devil May Cry) and Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
  • Dante: mmm well we are doing a list of Sexy/Awesome Outfits and most of the others has been Power Suits and this is one of those suits that will cross barely the line of normal. Which is not for this list. Come on, you know Dante, one the Coolest personality in the gaming world and his outfit really shows his level of Badness besides that his weaponry is very classy, 2 crafted Hand guns and his sword Rebellion, now thats just cool. Besides being the son Sparda or in other words THE DEVIL! adds badassness (words that might not exists)  to his Cool Points.
  • Bayonetta: She is one sexy character, it was design to be sexy, act sexy and feel no shame and pleasure being herself. In other words the Fan Service Queen of the Gaming World, Sorry Lara Croft but she just kicked your sweet ass... Anyway back to the topic. Bayonetta can be considered one weird and at the same time entertaining character to watch, not to mention her outfit which can transform into whatever demon she wants, obviously her sexy figures gets exposed but this style of suit uses magic! hey it's the first one in the list thats awesome! Magic... sexy magic... ADDED!

Yes she is a weird one...
Number 4: Ada Wong (Resident Evil 4) and James Bond (007 Games)
  • Ada Wong: Oh my the Umbrella spy Leon Kennedy would not stop loving... "Ada Wait?" hey let's play have a shot every time Leon says that in RE2. Now this is a difficult one because she has 2 suits which i really like, the RE4 Hot Spy dress and the RE2 remake one. I will say that the suit in RE4 would won immediately but i feel is kind of fan service because let's face it, would you be dress like that in a zombie invasion? i don't know it's your choice but for me i'll stick with the sexy outfit form RE2.
  • James Bond: "The name is Bond, James Bond." I grew up with Pierce Brocenan being agent 007 so for me Pierce was the original personality of the Bond Character. Always a british gentleman, well dress and no matter what (fighting, explosions, tanks and shootouts) will always have his hair and tie fix. The cocktail suit has always been a suit that has aged well either video games or it's movies, the suit will always be part of the character and apparently is a chicks magnet so i think i'l suit up too, apparently chicks digg the suit, thanks Bond!
Number 5: Gordon Freeman (Half Life series) and Lara Croft ()
  • Gordon Freeman: If MIT teaches me the physics behind a Crawl Bar to the Skull i'll definitely will go there and try to get into Black Mesa. I Freeman a hell of a character, sure no word during the whole series but you know he mens business if aliens try to conquer the world by sucking your brains. On every game he has been fortuned by having the Mark IV suit which protects him from most of the hazards in the lab, the whole Black Mesa complex radiation and even space! and lets not forget that faithful voice telling you to seek medical attention when you brake a bone or something. Now thats a hell of a suit people the only think missing is an auto blood cleaning and a portable bathroom.
  • Lara Croft: Definitely had to add her. I'm no fan of her gotta be honest, she has been considered the sex symbol of video games and apparently she will never lose that title even with characters like Bayonetta. She has many variants of her adventurer suits and most of them always showing how pretty and sexy she can be, even in the pixalated era she still look sexy. So should we add her just for that? well is hard but yeah i will add her, she is like the female Indiana Jones, smart and sexy and she shows that with her clothing taste. I think we should add her because the suit has always been with her against even dinosaurs.
Part 1 is over, on the Next one we will continue the list with some changes since we will enter the Fighters Games Characters, it will be hard but i'll pick up personally which Character deserves to have the Sexiest/Awesomeness spot here.
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