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Posted on July 10, 2012 - 1:35pm

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As long as mankind has existed, we have wondered, “Are there other lifeforms out there amongst the stars?” For some reason, we have always chosen to answer ourselves with “Yes, and they want our blood.” After constant battle with martians, xenomorphs, Reapers and the like, isn’t it time for man to take a break from alien-fighting and let its best friend take over for a bit?

Rescue Bacon is a simple iOS game from Rising Productions, the creators of Art in Gaming, a retired ScrewAttack show. It offers a charming sense of humor and quite a bit of fun, and that’s good enough for me.

In Rescue Bacon, you play as Schnitzel, a bacon-loving pug. One day, aliens swoop down from the sky and steal your precious bacon. This, as the Little Big Planet-esque narrator puts it, is an “unacceptable situation.” Thus our furry protagonist is thrown into conflict.

The graphics of Rescue Bacon are surprisingly good. They are incredibly rudimentary, but all of the images used are sharp and clear. Each of the fives stages has a unique theme, the alien leader matching this theme to a usually comedic effect. The same barking, growling, and eating sounds are all used over and over, so be prepared to turn off the sound if you are going to play for an extended period of time. The alien voices, however, are quite amusing. The original music used in the game is light and playful like the game itself, and fits their respective stages.

Like I said before, Rescue Bacon is an incredibly simple game. You move Schnitzel left and right across the bottom of the screen and bark at the aliens. They continuously drop pieces of bacon, which you collect for points, and peppers, which you avoid. Your goal is to bark your way through five levels and get a high score. Not much to it, but it is still enjoyable in its own right.

For the most part, Rescue Bacon plays well. I did occasionally hit the wrong arrow key or accidentally “pawsed” (the game’s pun, not mine, unfortunately) when I was trying to bark, but it wasn’t common enough to be terribly frustrating. I did experience a few random framerate hiccups, but these never lasted more than a couple second.

You can beat this game in around three minutes, so obviously any replayability this game has comes from playing it multiple times in an attempt to beat your high score or place on the GameCenter leaderboards. I have personally found myself picking it up for a quick game quite often.

Rescue Bacon is a small, straight-forward game that offers very little, but what it does offer is worth taking. If you want a quirky way to pass them time, have kids that need a easy to play game to amuse them, or just want to support a former ScrewAttack contributor, Rescue Bacon is a dollar well-spent.

7 / 10

(7s are very fun that has solid appeal. It has obvious issues that stick out, but can still be enjoyable by anyone.)

Sean Capdeville is the official mobile game reviewer of A cynic and aspiring film editor, his favorite games include Skyrim, Link's Awakening DX, and NOVA 3. In his spare time, he likes to reference Casablanca.

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