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Update: We have instituted a no tolerance policy towards plagiarism, read this and check out the updated line item below.

Want to see your community content posted to the top page of Well then you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the Official ScrewAttack StyleGuide. We built this page to help our community understand specifically how to use our blogging tools and explain the format for our promoted content. If you see this message when trying to edit a post you've created, "you cannot edit or remove a post once it's been adopted by ScrewAttack", then you've made it to the top page! It will disappear for a little while as it is queued up to go live, but don't worry, you'll see it again very soon.

Our goal on the Gaming News side of ScrewAttack is to bring our readers a concise and humorous perspective regarding news in the video game industry. The humorous bits should mostly come via a writer's style and aesthetic. We reserve the right to edit any content posted to the top page, but it is only to improve the quality. To make it appeal to our audience more. We also want to engage readers by making our articles more interactive too. "How do you do that?", one might ask.

At, we make the site more interactive by hyperlinking sources & examples, embedding media, and encouraging conversation in the comments. Most importantly, everyone should feel encouraged to share content. That doesn't mean a copy/paste job will get you on the front page (PLAGIARISM IS BAD!), but the Internet is about sharing information.

If you find something cool that you are passionate about, summarize it in a few sentences and share it with your friends. (Don't forget your sources!) On this page you will find the "How-to videos" to your right, examples of promoted content below and we finish with a list of tips. Blog and blog often to make ScrewAttack great!

UPDATE - Recommendation Post guidelines

  • Use the image from the source to create a header and thumbnail.
  • Create a fresh title for our site.
  • Use the source's title in the body, alongside the author's name.
  • Hyperlink the source's title in the body and set to open in a New Window.
  • Source the article and tag it up!
  • Here is an example.

Find out how to get promoted by checking out these examples of promoted posts:

Top 10 ways to get promoted

For anyone wondering "What is the easiest way to get promoted?", the first answer is simple. Write something gamers might find funny or interesting, use spell check, and add pictures. If you do that there is a good chance we'll promote your content. Despite that, here are some specific ways to format your post so it has a better chance of finding the frontpage. These are the same guidelines the news staff uses around the office when editing content.

  1. Italicize game titles upon first mention and ONLY on first mention.
  2. The Insert Custom HTML button is quite versatile and supports just about any form of HTML 5 code. So whether it is an animated gif, video, or even flash content you can embed it in a blog post.
  3. Correct formatting for site words: g1 (lower case “g”), ScrewAttack (capital “S”, capital “A”)
  4. No emoticons in teaser or title. :) You can use them in the post itself, but we shouldn’t see them in any part that could appear on the site front page when promoted.
  5. When quoting text, make sure you use the "Style drop down menu" option of "Quote" so it looks just like this.
  6. You are able to choose any alignment you'd like, but most of the time articles are "Left Aligned" for text and "Centered" for pictures. Captions will typically be "Centered" under a picture as well.
  7. Remember when creating anything like a Title, Teaser, Tags, or Sources to keep it short and snappy. The space you have in a post for these things is limited, so always make sure to see that the content isn't running off the page. 
  8. Encourage discussion at the end of your post by either stating your position, ending on a question, or simply suggesting the g1s post their opinions in the comments. This can go a long way in encouraging dialogue.
  9. I understand that there are some hiccups in the save state of our blogging tools. We work with the exact same system every day. While we continue to improve these tools, it might not be a bad idea to write your first draft in a word processor. That way if the browser refreshes while posting a blog, you have everything saved on your computer.
  10. Use Hyperlinks on popular games around the website, i.e. you're writing about a new Mario game, hyperlink the italicized entry with a search link. When you search New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the site the URL address will look like this So if you write about a game and link the search URL to it, when someone reads your posts it will look like "New Super Mario Bros. 2 is coming out in 2012!" They can click the link and see all the other posts surrounding that game.
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