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Hi, I'm Andre and I'm a Black Nerd. http://youtube.com/blacknerdcomedy I do vlogs, music videos, rants, Top 5's and have Awkward Talks with Girls. Now I'm a G1, ready to put my geekiest and video gamiest videos on this channel. So hope you enjoy and subscribe. I love you like a play cousin! http://twitter.com/blacknerd

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10/15/14 3:40pm

http://brentalfloss.com http://youtube.com/brentalfloss http://brentalfloss.com/comic

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MatPat is an information addict. That’s why Game Theory runs the gamut from the psych of Batman to the zoology of Frogger. He's like the Mythbusters of gaming.

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8/27/13 11:26am

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10/8/14 12:20am

A documentary on Keith Apicary, a video game fan. When the character, Keith, isn't exploring the nerdier side of old-school classics, he has being thrown out of both E3 and Comic Con. He even interrupted G4's recording of Attack of the Show!

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7/2/12 2:53pm

Syndication Guy for ScrewAttack and member of The Maximum Ammunition YouTube channel!

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6/24/14 12:39pm

My name is Rob and I am the Creator and Host of Retro Hunters. http://theretrohunters.com/ http://www.facebook.com/RetroHunters http://www.youtube.com/user/RetroHunters

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