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Behind The Bytes #4 - Duke Nukem: Reluctant Misogynist

8/17/11 2:57am

Episode 4: The twisted story of Duke Nukem, misunderstood babe-saviour. Expect atomic gossip, tyrannical tykes, and a double-bluff that changed the gaming world... forever.


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Created by Nick Moran. Produced by Bytescorp, who are (on Twitter!):

Michael Leader - ‪http://twitter.com/#!/nevskyp
Edward Szekely - ‪http://twitter.com/#!/epszekely
‬Samantha Baines - ‪http://twitter.com/#!/samanthabaines
Nick Moran - ‪http://twitter.com/#!/moranfox

Featuring extra material by: Marty, Sean2Sean.

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