Behind The Bytes #5 - Yoshi & The Death of Birdo

Posted on August 17, 2011 - 1:56am by Craig

Episode 5: The Behind The Bytes Special. With Birdo dead and the gaming world in disarray, the intrepid news hounds at BTB tackle their greatest scandal yet: a thrilling mystery which takes them straight to the murky heart of Nintendo. Stones will be turned. Preconceptions will be blown. And cakes will be baked.


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Created by Nick Moran. Produced by Bytescorp, who are (on Twitter!):

Michael Leader - ‪!/nevskyp
Edward Szekely - ‪!/epszekely
‬Samantha Baines - ‪!/samanthabaines
Nick Moran - ‪!/moranfox

Featuring extra material by:, ChemicalAlia, cjmchch, samdj1210.

Extra special thanks to: Camberwell Studios, all the righteous dudes @, Raw Meat Cowboy, Bashcraft, Keith Stuart and buchanproductions.

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