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RoccoW - RoccoW Visits Chai Kingdom

7/22/12 5:20pm

First of all: Thank you, fellow G1's, for the kind comments on my previous video! And many thanks to the Screwattack crew for featuring it on the frontpage! I do very much appreciate every single comment and view and the last video got more attention than I would've expected.

If you want to hear more of my music, it can be found and downloaded for free on my Soundcloud page:

About the song:
 A cover, remix or whatever of Super Mario Land's "Chai Kingdom". Sometimes you just gotta get some melodies out of your head :) The first part is a simple recreation of the original. The second part gets a little more additude with the help of some drums. The third part gets a little crazy. I just like very fast and funky melodies. 
Oh, and since the static photo was a little boring, I just threw a few other pictures from my live preformances in there and animated them slightly with Windows Movie Maker
Hope you enjoy, and again: Thank you for listening/watching!

Originally composed by: Hirokazu Tanaka

FREE HIGH QUALITY DOWNLOAD: http://soundcloud.com/roccow/roccow-visits-chai-kingdom

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