Rock Band Update: Killswitch Engage!

Posted on July 28, 2012 - 10:00am by Foxdark22

Hello hello hello! Welcome to a new Rock Band Update! Where we keep checking the DLC coming every single week for Rock Band 3.

This week we have new songs from Killswitch Engage and lots of great RBN songs including a very special one. Let's get started!



Available on Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 on July 31st, 2012 (EU PS3, August 1st)

  • Killswitch Engage – “The End of Heartache” X
  • Killswitch Engage – “The Arms of Sorrow”
  • Killswitch Engage – “Starting Over” O

Available as Killswitch Engage Pack 01 for $5.49 USD or as singles for $1.99 USD each.

Songs marked with an X feature Pro Bass and Pro Guitar Upgrades for $0.99 USD.

Songs marked with an O feature keyboard tracks.




Available now for the Xbox 360 RBN.

  • Asking Alexandria – “To the Stage” (160 MSP)
  • Halcyon Way – “On Black Wings” (80 MSP)
  • Counterfeit Pennies – “Say What You Want” (80 MSP)
  • Death of the Cool – “Everything I Hate About Myself” (80 MSP)
  • Merlot – “Angeles” (80 MSP)
  • Jerry Naylor – “My Little Girl” (160 MSP)
  • Jerry Naylor – “Teardrops Fall Like Rain” (160 MSP)


PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday, July 31st (US) and August 1st (EU)

  • Carnifex – “Until I Feel Nothing” ($1.99)
  • Amberian Dawn – “Come Now Follow” ($1.99)
  • Anarchy Club – “Collide” ($1.99)
  • Shatterglass – “Coming Undone” ($1.99)
  • Christopher J. – “Reson-8-R (Pts. I & II)” ($0.99)


PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday,August 7th (US) and August 8th (EU)

  • The Guild feat. Felicia Day - "(I'm the One That's) Cool" ($0.99)
  • An Endless Sporadic - "Anything" ($0.99)
  • An Endless Sporadic - "From the Blue/Point of No Return" ($0.99)
  • Rose of Jericho - "Romancing the Ordinary" ($0.99)
  • I, Omega - "The Ravenous" ($1.99)


This song is the one that plays on the menus of Rock Band 3! And it's freaking awesome! BUY IT!


Now for the thing that brought you here: the contest! I got  a 160 MSP code and I don't want to waste it, since I don't have my 360 any more so, I'll give it away!

To win the code you need to:

  • Subscribe to me
  • And leave a comment on this video

If not enough comments are made this week, I'll extend the contest one week more. (Not enough, it's an arbitrary number, hehe)

You have to promise me to use it in a Rock Band song huh?


That's all for now guys and girls! The pack really looks fun to play and the new RBN songs are great, especially "Everything I hate about myself".  And remember to participate in the contest and stuff.


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