Paperboy 3: The Hard Way is a display of graphic paperboy violence

Posted on November 27, 2013 - 4:11pm by SILVERMANIA

PAPERBOY is back... with a VENGEANCE!!
Gaming meets Grindhouse... direct to VHS!!
(You should probably watch this in HD full-screen.)
----------- CAST -----------
Paperboy - Newt Wallen
Papergirl - Kristy Richman
Editor in Chief - Kevin Riordan
Secretary - Jo Pincushion
Dust Devil (El Diablo Tornado) - Lamar Bumbrey
Recumbent Bike Thug - Harold Fuimaono
Old Woman Thug - Jarrett Courtney
Priest - Tony DeBartolis
Motorcycle Thug #1 - Mario Melillo
Motorcycle Thug #2 - Crystal Quin
Grim Reaper - Will Rivera
Skateboard Thug - Kieran Fallon
Hoop Thug - Isaac Williams
Manhole Thug - Boz Fenimore
Jackhammer Thug - Justin Silverman
Breakdancing Thug - Will Rivera
Dog - Bella Patterson
Dog Thug - Frank Patterson
Paperboy (Car) - Nick Ciquero
Paperboy (Gas) - William Scott Bey
Paperboy (Dog) - Justin Haller
Paperboy (Bike) - Justin Haller
----------- CREW -----------
Directed by Isaac Williams
Edited by Justin Silverman
Written by Newt Wallen & Justin Silverman
Filmed by Isaac Williams & Kieran Fallon
Original Music by Protector-101
Sound Mixing & Foley by the Auralnauts
Boom Mic Operated by Will Rivera
Locations Manged by Newt Wallen
Digital Effects by Kial Natale
VHS Transfer by Kieran Fallon
Custom Props & Weapons by Tony DeBartolis
Make Up by Steve Mezo & Jackie Mezo
Diablo Body Paint by Jarrett Courtney
Newspaper Design by Justin Silverman
Bucket Truck Operated by Justin Chudoff
Shotgun Owned & Fired by Steve Makowski
Motorcycle Provided by Boz Fenimore
Luchador Masks Provided by Ian Vaflor
Special Thanks to Andy Pritikin
----------- SUPER FUN LINKS -----------
Paperboy 3 Music Album for Download
Protector-101 (1980s Synth Music For the Modern Day)
Auralnauts (Reinterpreting Movies Using Audio Sorcery)
YouMightLikeThisShow (Cable Access Variety Show)
MegaSteakMan (Cinematic Sketch Comedy)
Newspaper Article About Filming This Video
----------- QUESTIONS -----------
Q - Where did you film this?
A - The suburbs of New Jersey and a summer camp.
Q - When did you film it and how long did it take?
A - Summer, 2013. It took six days to film, four weeks to edit.
Q - What was your budget?
A - Nothing.... but we spent about $500 out of pocket.
Q - What programs did you use to create this?
A - Adobe CS6. Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects.
Q - What cameras did you film this with?
A - Sony HXR-NX30U (Full HD) and Sony HVR-Z1U (Mini DV).
Q - Why did you make this?
A - Out of spite. We hate parody video game movie trailers.
Q - Why do you hate them?
A - Their overuse of digital effects and lazy scripts.
Q - Did you use digital effects?
A - Yes, but it only enhances what we filmed practically.
Q - How did you do the VHS effect?
A - We actually transferred it to VHS, then recaptured it.
Q - Is there a clean (non-VHS) version of Paperboy 3?
A - Yes, but it wasn't really our vision and will rot on our hard-drive.
Q - What do you mean by "lazy scripts?"
A - Most channels just plop game characters into popular films.
Q - Is your script original?
A - Yes, it's a 50/50 split between the game and revenge-film genre.
Q - Revenge genre? What movies did you base the script on?
A - Death Wish, Rolling Thunder, They Call Her One Eye, Vigilante.
Q - Why isn't the script about Mario or Call of Duty or something?
A - The original Paperboy growing up to get revenge made sense.
Q - Where did you get the idea for all of the bad guys?
A - Every thug you see is an enemy from Paperboy on the NES.
Q - What's the deal with El Diablo Tornado?
A - We anthropomorphized the tiny tornado into a Luchador.
Q - Did you only draw from the NES version of the game?
A - Mostly... Papergirl is from Paperboy 2... whatever.
Q - What about the arcade game?
A - It isn't as popular and the enemies are harder to emulate.
Q - Is this suppose to be direct sequel to Paperboy 2?
A - No, it's more like the third installment of a live action trilogy.
Q - Is this for the Midnight Show movie Newt is making?
A - No, but we used a lot of people who worked on Midnight Show.
Q - Shouldn't this be on the Underbelly channel?
A - Kinda, but the gore factor and VHS effect really set it apart.
Q - Will Silvermania be making more videos like this?
A - Probably not. This isn't really our style, but it was fun.
Q - Was this made just to prove some sort of stupid point?
A - Yes. We have a superiority complex.

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