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Kirby's Adventure - Orange Ocean Orchestra

10/26/12 3:32pm

An orchestration of Orange Ocean from Kirby's Adventure. I improvised quite a bit on this one to test out some things - hopefully it keeps the feel of the original while adding a touch of my own style

You can grab the mp3 from my SoundCloud:
Enjoying my orchestrations? Maybe you'd like my original music! Check out my music over at http://syntheticorchestra.bandcamp.com.
FL Studio, Kontakt 5, Spitfire Loegria, Albion, Symphonic Strings, British Woods, Solo Strings, Piano & Percussion, Cinesamples VOXOs, CineBrass, CineBrass Pro, HollyWoodwinds & CineWinds Pro, Project Sam Symphobia II, Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds & Symphonic Spheres, Various private libraries

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