Happy Mask Shop Theme with Lyrics

Posted on January 12, 2013 - 9:07am by BloodBird


From the classic video game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it's the Happy Mask Shop Theme, now with LYRICS!
Everyone's favorite creepy character has been parodied in song form at last.
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Download link: www.4shared.com/music/NBQPpgXs/Happy_Mask_Shop_Theme_with_Lyr.html
Hey did you hear there's this cool new shop opened
Come now, come everyone
Into my new Happy Mask Shop, it's a lot of fun
I'll lend you any mask for delivery
If it makes it there you can have it for free
Let's start with Keaton task
Go out and see if anyone wants to buy this mask
And while you're gone I'll stand here and scratch my ass
And if you sell it I'll give you five rupees
Move on to the next task
Which is the Skull Mask
And if you have to ask
I got it legally
Well now that sure was fast
How quick you sold that cast
And now you have amassed
Another ten rupee
Here is another wow
This one's called spooky mask I know what you're thinking now
The answers then is yes I had made this ace
From using as a base my own ugly face
Enough of that let's go
Time to sell this mask to some poor tortured wretched soul
Hey thanks again for selling this mask for me
This time I'll make you rich, here's twenty rupee
Only one mask you should
Sell the bunny hood
Hey now that running witch
Has made you stinking rich
What you accuse of me
I pay a standard fee
Well I do thank thee
For selling all the masks
Hey quick come back there's more
We got a whole new load of masks just for you in store
Now you can be a Zora, or a Goron
Or even a shifty, nasty Gerudo
I even got myself
A mask that let's you see into other people's minds
And you can borrow it for free anytime
But don't bring it back and I'll rip out your eyes

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