Mystic Gohan Theme with Lyrics

Posted on May 31, 2012 - 4:34pm by BloodBird

I think this is my favorite DBZ Theme, so I took a try at putting lyrics to it.

Download link:

All footage is the property of TOEI and Funimation Studios, I do not claim ownership over these clips and they are used under the Fair Use Act and to make homage.



Now, I see power in my hands

I will fight for all my friends

The world's fate depends on me

I will set the people free


The power

To fight

The evil

The might

The power

To win


Now, I've ascended to new heights

I will face the toughest fights

Majin Buu will surely die

As he looks me in the eye-

-I need to gather all my strength

and cut down this battles length

Got here in the nick of time

So I could stop this wave of crime-

-Crime will be stopped at once by me

They won't have time at all to flee

Evil feast your eyes upon

The one they call Son Gohan

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